2022 pet insurance trends we're going to see


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2022 Pet Insurance Trends

Pet insurance is booming and it’s showing no signs of slowing down! In fact, we have gone on to predict the biggest pet insurance trends of 2022!

What had started off as a small and upcoming industry has since become one of the fastest-growing ones. Pet insurance is on the rise, people! And we absolutely love to see it! Having pet owners take charge of their pet’s health and wellbeing brings us so much joy. Not to mention the happiness that it will definitely bring you and your pet.

The best part about pet insurance is that it is a lot like a fine wine – it gets better over time. Over the years pet insurance has grown and become more comprehensive, and it seems like 2022 is bringing in new perks and benefits for all of you pet owners!

Greater digitalisation

The reality is that the future is without a doubt digital. Just simply gaze over your screen time for all the proof you need. Whether or not you’re a fan of the online wave, you can’t deny that it’s taking over. And pet insurance is already advancing in this space.

In 2022 we expect to see a lot more pet insurance companies prioritising their online presence. From optimised websites to the creation of mobile-built apps.

Now, we don’t mean to brag here (well, not that much anyway) but you might have already known that we have already created a pretty awesome app already. Yup, we launched the most cutting-edge app which grants you instant access to your policy as well as our team.

We created this app to help keep insurance simple, easy and fast. This way, in a matter of seconds you are able to interact with important information.

Essentially in 2022, more pet insurance companies will be jumping on board and focusing on their online elements!

More communication

The days of sitting on hold for hours at a time trying to get a hold of your pet insurer are slowly coming to an end. Insurance, in general, has gained a bad reputation for having long communication lines. It is one of the highest complaints about most global insurance companies.

Well, the pet insurance market hears you and it’s making major moves to prioritise customer support. Getting in touch with your insurance broker shouldn’t be a headache and it won’t be! By allowing easier access to the people that are there to help protect your pet, you can better improve the health and wellness of your pet.

The idea here is that you should be able to get in contact with your pet insurer easily. Whether that is via a user-friendly website, QR codes, social media, private messages and mobile-friendly apps. By improving and increasing all of the ways to get in touch with your insurer we will be actively improving pet insurance.

Increasing pet insurance education

It seems that all of the pet insurance information that is currently out there is going to get a major revamp in the new year! Research shows that many consumers opt-out of pet insurance because they don’t understand it.

This has a lot to do with the stuffy, uncommon jargon that is used throughout. Basically, reading your pet policy is so headache-inducing that most pet owners give up by the second page.

Well, that should be coming to an end pretty soon. See, pet insurers are currently working hard to ensure that they keep their insurance terminology simple and easy to comprehend. Not everyone is knowledgeable on insurance jargon, so it’s important that we make these policies accessible for anyone!

By educating pet owners across the country, we can also make sure that you fully understand what your pet policy entails. That way there is no awkward encounter where you claim for something that was never covered in the first place!

Various payment options

As we all know, there are many payment options out there, which makes life significantly easier. Going into the New Year it seems that pet insurance companies will be looking at new financing options. You can get pet debit cards (hint hint, we have the Onecard) as well as pet care savings.

There are also a number of ways to pay forward your pet policy. From monthly instalments to yearly and twice a year, you can choose whichever payment option suits your budget. This not only helps make pet insurance more accessible, but it also presents a number of opportunities for new pet policyholders!


Simply put, all of the trends in 2022 are set to take your life as a pet parent a lot easier and more affordable! So, here’s to the new year and greater opportunities for all of you animal lovers.

Yours in future-thinking pet insurance,


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