It’s Time To Get Chatty With Your Pup!


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Chatty With Pup

You might feel silly striking up a conversation with your pooch, but talking to your dog whilst you are taking a walk, cuddling or simply cooking dinner has many benefits for both of you!

Many paw parents will often find themselves starting to tell their furry companions about their day, and of course, how much they love their little pooch. If you are one of these paw parents, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy! It is perfectly natural to talk to your pets.

The familiar high pitched, “baby-talk” voice that you are likely to use when speaking to your furry friend may seem pointless as we all know that dogs are unlikely to understand what we are saying. However, recent studies show that talking to your dog has many benefits for both you and your beloved pup.

Read on to learn why asking your dog how their day was is a great habit to keep up!

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5 Benefits of talking to your precious pup

1. Having a chit-chat with your dog improves your bond

It’s not a secret why a dog is nicknamed ‘a man’s best friend’. The bond between a dog and their owner can be powerful as it is often filled with mutual love, respect and trust. When you first bring your furry friend into your home, it is very important to work on creating a strong bond between yourself and your pet. One part of doing that is to get your dog familiar with hearing your voice.

There are many bonding moments during your day, such as walking with your dog and playing fetch. However, chatting to your dog can turn the moments of downtime during your day into bonding opportunities. Talking to your dog whilst you are cooking dinner, or folding your laundry is a fantastic way to keep your dog engaged and strengthen your bond.

2. Talking to Rover is great for your health

Talking to your dog is a way for you to talk through your problems without facing any judgement. Whilst your pup cannot offer any helpful advice, talking through your issues with your dog can help you look at your problems objectively, allow you to reflect on the facts and work out a solution.

In addition, it has been shown that talking to dogs encourages elderly owners to stay active and to concentrate on the present. Dogs have also been shown to have a special ability to bring out a conversation from children on the autism spectrum who are too nervous to interact with other people.

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3. Dogs can learn through repetition

It is no secret that you and your dog do not speak the same language, however, dogs have the ability to easily catch onto our vocabulary. As you know, your precious pup can be taught the words “sit”, “stay”, and “outside” through you repeating these words over and over again. It is likely that your dog has picked up on many words on their own, such as “food”, “walk” and “bath-time”, simply because you would have repeated these words many times.

Studies have shown that dogs have the capacity to learn a long list of words, and you can help your dog learn through chatting to them daily. Each time you chat to your precious pooch, it is a new opportunity for Fluffy to learn more and lead to improved communication between you and your furry family member.

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4. It's more than just words

There is much more to communication than words. Tone and body language are equally important! Whilst it might take a bit longer for dogs to learn vocabulary, they can pick up on emotional cues a lot easier. Dogs can learn what mood you’re in by watching your facial expression whilst you talk and by the changes of pitch in your voice.

Over time, your precious pooch will be able to recognise the body language and tones that accompany certain moods and will be able to react appropriately. You read that correctly, your pup is extremely clever and can learn to communicate with you!

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5. Most importantly, your dog adores listening to you!

All paw parents know that their beloved pets love attention from their owners. Dogs enjoy being a part of their owner’s daily tasks and by talking to your dogs, you can keep them involved whilst undertaking your chores. Chit chatting to your pet will leave them feeling happier, and really, do you need any other reason to keep on talking to your dog?

Happy chatting with your furry friend!

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