Important Check-ups Your Dentist Should Do (Plus How To Afford It)


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Dentist Check Ups

Get a better idea of why your dentist is doing what they’re doing!

Ah, the dentist. Not everybody’s favourite appointment of the year, but one that is absolutely necessary for strong and healthy teeth.

Visiting the dentist isn’t just about having teeth that look beautiful, it’s about looking after your oral hygiene as a whole. The mouth is an important part of the body and if it isn’t cared for, there can be serious (and sometimes deadly) repercussions.

The benefits of regular visits to the dentist

1. Preventative care

Your dentist isn’t just there to solve problems, they’re there to prevent them. Detecting issues early on can save you thousands in medical bills, as well as painful procedures.

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2. Save your teeth

You only have one set of teeth (sometimes we envy the 8 sets that sharks get) and you need to look after them. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

3. Treat bad breath

Odours coming from the mouth are common in people who don’t regularly get their teeth checked. It isn’t enough to brush and floss - there may be underlying issues that are causing bad smells to come from your mouth (and nobody wants that)

4. Peace of mind

Lying awake at night poking at a sore tooth with your tongue is no way to live. It can cause a lot of unnecessary worries that could be solved with a quick trip to the dentist!

5. Dental hygiene education

You would be surprised at how many people don’t know how to properly care for their teeth. Some people only brush once a day and throw flossing out the window completely! Your dentist can help educate you on the best way to take care of your teeth to avoid future problems.

Checks to expect at the dentist

Now that we know the benefits of regular dentist visits, we can dive into what to expect when your dentist is checking your teeth.

When you’re sitting in the dentist chair, there will be two people dealing with your teeth. They are your dentist and their dental hygienist. Dental hygienists are there to assist your dentist and may also be the ones conducting your initial exam and asking you questions about your oral and general health.


A thorough clean is the first step in your appointment. Whilst regular cleaning at home keeps bacteria away, there will most likely still be some buildup of hardened plaque on the teeth. This is often referred to as tartar or calculus.

Dental cleaning is a painless procedure that involves a series of hand-held tools to get into the nooks and crannies of your teeth. And it feels great afterwards!


Polishing your teeth is an essential part of your check-up that makes sure stains and plaque are thoroughly removed from your teeth. Good polishing will remove anything that was missed during the initial clean.

You can expect your dentist to use a tool that rotates a small piece of rubber or a brush to polish your teeth using a mixture of fluoride and an abrasive substance for the best results.

Preventative care

After your clean and polish, your dentist will be able to identify any issues you need to stay on top of.

They’ll recommend where you could do better in your day-to-day cleaning routine, what foods you need to cut out on and instructions you need to follow to make sure you stay ahead of any future problems.


X-rays are not a mandatory part of your check-up, but your dentist may order them if they deem it necessary.

Teeth are bones, after all, and there could be underlying issues that can’t be seen with the human eye. X-rays are often used to detect cavities, holes, and any misalignment in the teeth,

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Treatment and recommendations

If all goes well, your dentist will tell you to be on your way.

If there are any concerns, your dentist will recommend a course of action to fix what they have found. This may be to reschedule another appointment or a referral to a specialist like an orthodontist.

How to get you and your family to the dentist this year

Getting to the dentist is expensive - but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it!

At Oneplan, all four of our health insurance plans cover visits to the dentist, and you’re not limited to one visit per year. So if you feel something isn’t quite right, you don’t need to wait until next year to get it sorted out!

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