5 no-fuss ways to figuring out your Pet Insurance


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figuring out your Pet Insurance

How do you know you’re making the purr-fect decision for you and your four-legged friends? Let’s find out!

Have you had pet insurance on the brain for a while? Well, if that is the case, it’s a good thing you’re here. In our world, pet insurance is a walk in the park. But we know that isn’t the story for everybody - it can be overwhelming when you’re not sure how to make the best decision to protect your pet.

That’s why we’re going to have a chat about how best to figure out pet insurance. It doesn’t need to be tiresome and it doesn’t have to be cumbersome, so let’s get going!

Why do you need pet insurance?

Pet insurance policies are there to do two things: provide your pet with access to excellent healthcare and provide you with the funds to get them there. Owning a pet isn’t all movie-night cuddles and wet nose kisses. It’s also vet bills, scripted or chronic medication, grooming and day-to-day costs.

When you take all of that into account, you’ll quickly notice that a pet is a lifetime cost.

Some of these costs you can predict, and some of them come out of nowhere. Pet insurance keeps you prepared, and that’s how we like it.

How to make the best out of your pet insurance experience

1. The sooner, the better

If you want a truly awesome pet insurance journey, we recommend getting your pet insured from the very beginning. Insuring your dog as a puppy or your cat as a kitten means you have years of saving money and good health ahead of you!

There are too many pet owners that think they need to only turn to pet insurance when their pets are sick or older, but that’s not the truth. 

When you insure your young pet, you are financially prepared for chronic illnesses, congenital diseases, accidents and general wellness for their whole life. Some insurers may even offer discounts on your premiums as your pet gets older.

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2. Shop around

Of course, you don’t want to sign onto the first policy you look at. There are tons of insurers out there who offer different benefits and premiums - you just have to find the one that suits your needs and budget.

You’re going to be dealing with your insures for a while, so you want to know they’re good with their customers. Dig into customer reviews and don’t be afraid of getting in touch to get an idea of what their customer service is like.

If you want to get a headstart, why not chat with somebody from our team? We bet you’ll be impressed.

3. What do you want to be covered for?

Do you want a hospital plan? An accident plan? Or maybe you’re after a comprehensive cover with all the bells and whistles. Whatever floats your boat, there’s something out there. For example, our Pet Super Plan covers you for:

  • Visits to the vet
  • Routine care
  • Accident cover
  • Illness cover

It’s all about finding the right policy for YOUR furry family member.

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4. Talk to your vet

The best person to speak to regarding what would best suit your pet is your vet. They will be able to estimate what the expected costs would be without pet insurance based on your pet's age, breed and lifestyle. This conversation will stand you in good stead for choosing the most helpful policy.

Discover: how Oneplan pays you before you see the vet.

5. Read the fine print

Did you know that a big reason why claims are rejected is that clients haven’t read the fine print? You don’t want that to happen, and that’s why this is an important step towards making your insurance journey as fuss-free as possible.

Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you know exactly what you’re covered for and what is not included in your policy.

Get with an insurer that’s hassle-free

  1. We don’t limit you. Choose and keep your vet
  2. We have amazing routine care benefits, and with our routine care plus benefit, you can add on more routine care to make the most out of your policy- check out all the details on this here.
  3. Our simple to use and smart Oneplan App gives you total and instant control of your policy with the click of a button.
  4. Zero paperwork = zero hassle
  5. Our in-app chat function means you can contact somebody from our claims team whenever you need them.
  6. Our wide range of affordable pet insurance plans gives you the choice to find a plan that best suits your pet and your wallet!
  7. When your pet becomes a part of our family, they are covered for life!

Yours in cuddle-worthy pet health insurance,


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