Does pet insurance cover the loss of a pet?


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Loss of a pet

When you sign up with the Oneplan Pet family, we cover your pet for life.

Becoming a pet parent opens up a whole world of joy. You’ll never forget the moment you bring your first pet into your home. Each animal brings with it its own quirks, character and life-long memories.

Of course, your pet can’t live forever. We have to accept the hard truth that our pets are most likely to pass before we do, which is an unbelievably hard thing to deal with. Our pets become like our children, our family. Life without them seems a little less colourful.

When you’re dealing with the death of a pet, the last thing you need is to be met with hefty bills. Whether your dog has already passed or you’re faced with the difficult decision to euthanise, the process becomes expensive.

How pet insurance covers you for life

Of course, you aren’t only getting pet insurance to cover the end-of-life costs. You’re getting it to make sure your pet lives a healthy, comfortable life that is supported by the best possible pet healthcare.

Without pet insurance, pet owners are often put in a difficult situation that we have seen too many times. When you are backed against a wall with costs that you simply cannot afford, you may have to euthanise your pet to put them out of pain. This is a position we hope no pet owner has to face.

Word on the street is that the concept of pet insurance was put in motion by a vet. As their prices became more expensive because of how much they could offer in terms of healthcare, they saw that many pet owners had to put down their pets. So they decided there should be a system in place which would help people save their pets.

And that’s how we have pet insurance today.

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What are the end-of-life costs?


Sometimes euthanasia can be the kindest thing you can do for your pet. Even if you feel you may be doing something bad, is opposed to the euthanasia of fit and healthy animals but accepts that humane destruction may at times, be necessary. 

Euthanasia is a process where your vet will administer your pet a solution that puts them to sleep before quickly stopping their heart and organs. Because your dog is put to sleep first, they feel no pain and the process is quick and painless. The cost of euthanasia will depend on your chosen vet. This can cost between R500 and R1200.

At Oneplan, we offer up to R1500 for cremation,  burial and euthanasia across ALL of our policies.

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Once your pet has passed on, there are still costs to consider, like cremation.

For some families, it’s nice to have your pet’s ashes to keep as a memory or tribute to them. You could choose to keep them in a beautiful box made by the kids (it’s important to keep everybody involved, the circle of life is something everybody has to see at some point) or maybe you’d prefer to scatter them in an area your pet loved.

Another special option is to plant a tree or bush using your pet’s ashes in the soil. This way you will have a living reminder to look after.

Several people opt for cremation. The cost for this, with euthanasia included, is about R2 500.

Pet insurance and economic euthanasia

Sometimes it isn’t about the money and your pet is just in too much pain.

But when it is about money, some pet parents have to turn to economic euthanasia. Economic euthanasia is when a pet has to be put down because the pet owner does not have access to the necessary funds needed for treatment.

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This is where pet insurance comes in. 

Instead of digging yourself into a mountain of debt or having to make one of the hardest decisions of your life, give your pet the gift of pet insurance. Our comprehensive policies make sure your pet is looked after from head to tail. This includes fantastic routine care, visits to the vet, chronic medication and hospitalisation.

We want to see your pet live a long and happy life. The sooner you sign up for pet insurance, the more comfortable we can make your pets life (plus, you’ll be saving money at the same time)

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