Health insurance for humans and pets: why they’re different but why you need them both


Jade Poole

insurance for humans and pets

How to get excellent healthcare for the whole family (four legged-members included!)

That means the people who take care of your health insurance can take care of your pets health insurance, too! In this week's blog, we’re going to be splitting up how Oneplan has health insurance on the brain (and in our hearts) for animals and humans alike. If you happen to be a human who has a furry non-human in their life, here’s what you need to know about taking care of the both of you.

Why get health insurance?

Okay, so let’s start with the basics: why do you even need health insurance? Honestly, because you can’t afford not to and that isn’t just a catchy marketing phrase. Healthcare is a vital part of looking after yourself and your family in a world where accidents happen BUT there are very qualified individuals who can help. And you deserve access to them.

Healthcare is expensive, that goes without saying. As technology becomes better and as doctors learn more and more about how to look after patients, prices for adequate healthcare have soared through the roof.

It isn’t only the routine appointments that start to add up (like a R500 GP visit here and a R300 eye examination there), but the big costs come in when you need the help of a hospital. When you need to be hospitalised due to an accident, injury or illness, you want to know that you are in the best hands you could possibly be in. A foolproof way to ensure this is to secure access to private healthcare through a comprehensive health insurance policy.

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Why get health insurance for your pet?

We’ve talked about how to look after your health, but what can you put in place to look after your pet in the same way? The reasons are pretty much the same: veterinary costs run super high. Vets know more and can do more and ultimately that’s why we pay them so much to look after your pets.

Bringing a pet into your home means opening yourself up to the fact that accidents do happen and animals do get sick.  They happen fast and they happen out of the blue, and our job is to make sure you are equipped to make the best decisions possible when they do.

When you are faced with which option will be the best for your pet’s recovery, we want you to have the flexibility to choose the best one. 

Health insurance with Oneplan

We always offer simple insurance. It shouldn’t be hard to look after your health. Easy as that, ladies and gentlefolk.

We aim to cover you for the big things and the small. That’s why routine care is included in all of our plans. Here is the routine care we cover you for:

●       Doctor visits (GP cover)

●       Scripted medication

●       Blood tests

●       X-rays

●       Dentistry

●       Optometry

●       Maternity pre-birth

The day-to-day costs matter, no matter how much you can put towards your health insurance policy. On top of the routine cover, we make sure that all of our clients have access to private hospital care if they have an accident or fall ill.

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Pet health insurance with Oneplan

We care for our pets just as much as we care for our people (who knows, maybe we care just a little bit more for the furballs. Can you blame us??

Each family is different. We all have different lifestyles and different budgets and that’s why we have different policies available! For when you want to make sure your pet is covered for accidents only, we have our fantastic Pet Accident Plan. From there we build up and up until we reach our Pet Super Plan which covers you for all the bells and whistles, including:

●       Visits to the vet

●       Accident cover

●       Illness cover

●       Accident cover

●       Kennel fees

Starting at our Pet Hospital Plan through to our Super Plan, you can add on really great routine and excess benefits to make sure your policy suits you! Check out how to level up your routine care.

Health for all: people and pooches

At the end of the day, you can only hope that your decisions ensure the things you love are kept protected. Everybody under your roof deserves to feel safe, so get in touch to speak about human and pet health insurance - our people can handle it all!

Yours in pet insurance you could cuddle,



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