When can I claim for pet insurance? Everything you need to know about claiming and waiting periods


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Why do you need to wait to claim from your pet insurance? Let’s jump into why waiting periods matter and why the wait is worth it!

If you’re a pet owner in 2021 (and plan on being one for many years to come) it would do you good to become well-acquainted with the ins and outs of pet insurance. The more you understand your insurance policy, the smoother the whole process becomes. Plus, you want to be able to enjoy your benefits as soon as they become available!

We care a lot about how well you understand your policy, which is why you can access your policy wording document and cover details from the palm of your hand using the Oneplan App (we’ll chat more about our app later on). 

If you are still unclear, you can even use the app’s chat function to talk to someone from our claims team should you have any questions related to your cover or claims.

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Learning the lingo

One thing that drives us nuts about the way most insurers speak about their policies and benefits is that they make the whole thing SO much more confusing than it needs to be! We believe that your insurance needs to be exactly that: yours. That means you’re the one who needs to understand the ins and outs, and we’re the ones who need to get you up to speed. At Oneplan, we don’t like complicated. We like simple, we like easy and we like our clients to know exactly what’s cracking. So let’s break down the two main terms we’ll be talking about when it comes to waiting periods and pet insurance:

Inception date

Your inception date is the very first day that your pet insurance kicks in (what a fantastic day, indeed). Your inception date will start after the first successful premium payment and will always fall on the first day of the month to make things easy.

Waiting period

Waiting periods always have been and always will be a standard part of any insurance policy. Waiting periods are easy enough to understand: it is the agreed-upon amount of days that need to pass before you can claim for a certain event or service. Your insurer should be able to walk you through the exact waiting periods for each policy before you sign.

You may be wondering why waiting periods exist? Surely you should be able to jump right into your pets’ healthcare? No sir, and for good reason. Insurance is a risk game and whilst we protect you from the risks out there we also need to protect ourselves. Waiting periods prevent people from trying to dupe the system so we can continue to protect our clients.

Oneplan waiting periods

At Oneplan, our waiting periods are as follows:

●       Vet visits: 30 days

●       Routine care: 30 days

●       Kennel cover: 3 months

●       Illness cover: 3 months


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Accident cover is immediate

We know that when life happens, it happens fast and we don’t think there should be any waiting around! If your four-legged friend gets into an accident that causes physical damage which requires immediate medical attention, consider it covered. Even if your pet gets into an accident the day after you have become a Oneplan family member, you will be covered under the terms and conditions of your policy.

Claiming with Oneplan

Because we really value keeping you in the loop, we would like to think you will be aware of your waiting periods before you claim. If you claim for something before your waiting period is over, your claim is going to get rejected which doesn’t look too great on your insurance history.

Aside from the scary reminder, claiming has really never been easier. You can make claims for visits to the vet, routine care, accidents and illnesses all through your Oneplan App. Once you have lodged your claim we will load funds onto your Onecard (a transactional card you will receive as soon as you become a part of the family) and pay you BEFORE you see the vet.

If you need more proof regarding how simple our claiming system is, watch this quick video on how to claim for your pet using the Oneplan App

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