Can I stay on my parent’s car insurance if I move out? Let’s find out!


Jade Poole

parent’s car insurance

Are you hanging onto your parent’s insurance policy by a thread? Let’s see what options you have as a young adult who still needs to drive a car.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how sick are you of hearing that you need to be completely independent by the age of 21? Whilst most of our parents tell us stories of being married at 22, owning a house at 24 and having a litter of kids they could financially support at 25, it just isn’t the same anymore. Our jobs don’t pay the same, the world went into a global lockdown and the cost of living has soared through the roof.

Put this together with the pressure of social media (how does somebody buy their parents a house because they know a few internet dances??) and we can completely understand the worrying place that young South African adults are finding themselves in.

Luckily, there are still ways that you can save money that doesn’t include you staying in your childhood room until your 45.

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Why do people want to stay on their parent’s policy?

Let’s make one thing clear: staying on your parent’s policy does not make you a freeloader. Staying on your parents premium doesn’t always mean you’re getting a free ride (unless your parents have made the very generous offer to continue paying for your premium).

In most cases, you (the insured) will pay less in premiums to your insurer (that’s us) if you have multiple cars on your insurance policy. Married couples also often choose to join policies with their partner instead of having separate ones for their separate cars.

That’s why students and even self-sustaining adults try to stay on their parent’s premiums. If you are paying your parents back every month, this is also a way for your parents to save money whilst still keeping your car on the insurance policy they prefer.

That’s another thing: your parents can probably afford to have you on a policy that has higher annual limits. If they own the vehicle and know they’ll have to pay for any repairs and replacements, it makes more sense to keep you on their policy.

How long can you stay on your parent’s car insurance?

There’s no black and white answer to this question. Firstly, all insurance companies are different. Some will be more flexible than others and some will have strict policies about dependents.

In theory, you’re supposed to jump ship when you become an independent, stand-up-citizen adult. There are factors that could still make you a viable dependent:

1)     If you are still studying (even if you have moved out of the house)

2)     If you live at home part-time (during December holidays or varsity breaks)

3)     If your car is under your parent’s name.

4)     If you have moved into a property that is owned by your parents.

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Can I pretend I’m still staying at home?

Sure, if you like rejected claims and bad insurance history. Lying to your insurer is a bad idea considering all we’re trying to do is help you. The end result of being dishonest usually goes as follows: we find out, have the right to reject your claim and you will be fully liable for any damages (plus you will have paid premiums every month for nothing)

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Why Oneplan works for young people

We take away the stress from insurance, the hassle, the insurance jargon that no one can understand and the paperwork (oh, the paperwork). We don’t think getting an insurance policy should be as scary as everybody makes it seem: it’s just something you have to do!

We make insurance honest and upfront - because that’s what really counts. When it comes to choosing your first vehicle insurance policy, remember how Oneplan has changed the game for insurance in 2021.

  1. We know that not all months look the same. We let you increase or decrease your cover in the palm of your hands (via our Oneplan App. Check it out, you’ll love it)
  2. You don’t need to do much to get onboard. There are no vehicle inspections- simply snap & upload pics or videos to the app.
  3. Choose your excess and have total control over what you insure and for how much.

Are you ready to fly the nest? Get involved and get on board with Oneplan, we’d love to have a chat.

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