Should you purchase a used car that’s been in an accident? Let’s find out!


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You’re budget-savvy and on a mission to find a set of wheels you love and that you feel safe in. Does it make a difference if the car has been in an accident before?

Guess what? Your first, second or even third car doesn’t need to be brand new. It is possible and sometimes even advisable to invest in a hardy, well-looked after vehicle to get you from A to B whilst you save money. Buying a car can be an easy-breezy experience or it can seem a little daunting. One of the more daunting experiences is buying a used car.

A used cat that also happens to have been in an accident. Erg.

Except, it isn’t always the deal-breaker you’d think it would be. Our roads are busy and unfortunately, accidents happen all the time. Subsequently, the chances of you coming across a used car that has been in an accident are pretty high. It all comes down to what kind of accident, the repair work that’s been done, the repair work you’re willing to do and how much money you are saving.

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Why buy a used car?


A pre-owned car is going to cost you less money than buying a brand new car. If you’re looking to save money it would be a good idea to look into a used vehicle.

A car that has been in an accident will also be sold for significantly less than if it hadn’t been in an accident.


As soon as you hit the road, the value of your car starts depreciating. This is never fantastic news for somebody who has just purchased a new car but life becomes a lot more affordable for people looking for preowned cars.

Low insurance premiums

Car insurance, it’s pretty much a non-negotiator. Just because you need car insurance doesn’t mean you need to pay huge monthly premiums. Car insurance helps you save money with comprehensive coverage whilst protecting you and others.

One of the best ways to pay less for your insurance is to buy a pre-owned car. This is because a large part of your premium is calculated based on the value of your car.

Your vehicle registration fees are also going to cost less. We’re guessing you’re sensing a common theme here?

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How to go about buying a car that’s been in an accident

So now that you know a bit more about pre owned cars, let’s chat about what to do if the car you like has had a bump or two in the past. Well, we would be wary if it had had two accidents but to each their own.

Be aware of your finances

When you’re buying a car that has sustained damages in the past, you need to be always thinking about whether the price you’re paying is worth the damage to the vehicle. How much would you need to put towards the car? What is the average cost of car parts for that particular model and year?

Know how bad the accident was

Fingers crossed, you’ll be dealing with an honest person just trying to sell their old car for a good deal and at a fair price. In this case, you will be given access to all of the car's repair history. This will give you a full overview of all the work the car has had done.

For example, the repair history could give you peace of mind knowing that the accident only resulted in a dent in the door and not anything close to the engine or undercarriage of the car.

Examine the current condition of the car

A used car can still look like it’s in excellent condition and should be able to still drive well. You need to be able to discern whether or not this car has been well looked after or not. It’s all good and well for somebody to have had a once-off accident but it is another thing if the car has been misused and neglected. This is what will cost you more money down the line!

Get insured (the Oneplan way)

Old or new, insurance is not a step that can be skipped. When you become a Oneplan Car Insurance member, you open yourself up to doing insurance like you haven’t done it before.

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