Chronic care for pets: Caring for your pet with a chronic illness


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Chronic care for pets

How to make sure your chronically ill pet still has a happy and comfortable life

Bringing a pet into your home means that you are signing up for the good times and the bad, and we know how much you want to be able to provide your pet with longevity and good health. Sometimes though, the cards just aren’t in our favour and we need to find ways to deal with the circumstances at hand. When you have a chronically ill pet, it may take some time to come to terms with their illness and to understand the ins and outs of having an ill furry member of the family.

At Oneplan, we believe that being armed with the right information and amenities will help you get the best care for your pet and we’re here to help you out on that front.

What is a chronic illness?

For a pet to be termed chronically ill, it will have to be suffering from a long-term illness that requires long-term treatment. It is absolutely possible for your pet to have many more joyful years whilst having a chronic illness and we’re going to explore how to make that happen.

Common chronic illnesses 

Arthritis and other orthopaedic conditions


Skin allergies

Chronic Kidney Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Addison’s Disease


What to do once your pet has been diagnosed

Once your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you’re going to need to formulate an action plan. First things first, you’ll need to find out everything you can from your vet - the two of you are going to be seeing each other more often than usual and they will be a huge part of this journey. Take some time to discuss the following with your vet to make sure you have a solid understanding of all the details of the health of your pet.

  1. Is the disease a progressive or stable disease? Can it be stabilized through treatment?
  2. How to pick up if their condition is worsening
  3. What you can do to increase the quality of your pet’s life
  4. Creating a personal plan for how often you need to visit for a recheck
  5. How you can lessen unpleasant side effects from medication
  6. The reality and financial implications of caring for your pet on a long term basis 

We know it’s tricky sometimes to fully face the reality that your pet is sick and may pass away sooner than you expected. It will only help to get the answers you need as quickly as possible so that you can take the reins.

Chronic care and pet insurance

If you already have pet insurance, you need to let your insurer know about your pets diagnoses and you can work out your options. Hopefully, your insurer was upfront about the terms and conditions regarding your coverage when it comes to chronic illnesses.  It is an incredibly expensive claim to take on and some insurers find the risk too high.

I don’t have pet insurance, what can I do?

Having a chronically ill pet without pet insurance isn’t a fantastic position to be in but it isn’t an entirely lost cause. If you find the right insurer, you could still save tons of money on chronic medication and treatment.

We happen to be the right insurer, in case you were wondering. We will cover your pet with a chronic illness provided they are older than 8 weeks and younger than 9 years old.

With Oneplan, you can start claiming for your pets chronic illness after a 12 month waiting period. This waiting period is put in place to lower the risk of fraud and false claims. Insurance is a preventative tool and the sooner you get it, the better.

Oneplan policies that cover chronic illness

Two of our four plans will have you covered for chronic medication and treatment. It makes the load significantly lighter when you have somebody on your side to front the cash for expensive scripts and medication.

Pet Classic Plan from R269pm

Pet Super Plan from R387pm

Please note that these prices are reflective of the date that this article was written. For up to date pricing, please follow this link.

Our plans are tail-o-made to make sure that each family gets the individual, quality care they deserve when they need it the most.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We believe that the best way to care for your chronically ill pet is to create a team of pet experts: us, your vet and you. Together we will all work our hardest to make sure your pet has access to excellent healthcare in their trying times.

Yours in comprehensive insurance,


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