Is it too late to get health insurance for your ageing parents?


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health insurance for your ageing parents

It’s never too late to jump on the health insurance train, so let’s get you and your family on board!

We always recommend that you get health insurance from a young age. It’s never too early to start insuring your health - but that’s a conversation for another day. There is no point in us harping on about what you could have done or should have done but didn’t do, and we definitely can’t lecture you on what your parents didn’t do.

What you need right now is a way for your ageing parents to access quality healthcare when they need it. Luckily, that is absolutely still an option. As your parents get older, they become more vulnerable to health issues, accidents and illnesses. Their medication might become more costly and they need more routine and day-to-day care than you realised.

At Oneplan, we think that everybody deserves the opportunity to receive excellent healthcare regardless of what stage of life they are in. So no, it is absolutely not too late to insure the health of your elderly parents.

Why get health insurance?

Maybe your old man is a little more on the stubborn side. He can’t see why he (or you) should have to part with your money on a monthly basis in exchange for coverage of an event that hasn’t even happened yet. If that is the case, you need to tell your parents about why they need to get health insurance.

If this last year and a half taught us anything about our health it is that it should be valued at all costs (and luckily the costs aren’t even that high, when you have health insurance).

Where the costs will be high, is when you need to access private healthcare without the finances to do so. A very, very small percentage of South Africans are able to independently finance private hospitalisation or even private routine care.

Being able to go into a private hospital is the main appeal of health insurance. When you get admitted into a private hospital, the first thing you will have to do is pay a deposit to secure your treatment. If your parents are unable to afford the deposit, it will most likely fall to you or other family members. The deposit is only the beginning. From there on you will have to pay consult fees, surgery and anaesthetist fees and the nightly cost of your bed and food. It becomes completely unaffordable before your eyes.

Cover for the unexpected

You have to seriously consider if you are in a position to pay these fees overnight because that’s how quickly things can go wrong. When you sign onto your policy, you and your insurer will go through all the things you are and aren’t covered for.

All of our plans include accident cover, which means that even if you are paying the lowest premium for your insurance (which would start from R390 pm for our Core Plan) you will still have access to private healthcare in the case of an emergency accident.

Please note that these prices are reflective of the date that this article was written. For up to date pricing, please follow this link.

Cover for the expected

When you start to get older, it isn’t always the unexpected incidents that are going to cost you the most. In old age, we become more vulnerable to chronic or terminal conditions that need to be closely monitored and medicated.

At Oneplan, we know that you need cover for the day-to-day costs. That’s why all of your plans have been designed to cover you for routine care, which includes:

  1. Doctor visits (GP cover)
  2. Scripted medication
  3. Blood tests
  4. X-rays
  5. Dentistry
  6. Optometry

If your parents are 65 or older, they are absolutely eligible for health insurance. People seem to believe the myth that your health is immediately compromised when you get older but if an elderly person doesn’t have any worrying medical history, has lived a healthy lifestyle and has kept tabs on their health then there is no reason for their premiums to shoot through the roof.

Yes, the premiums on an older persons policy will be more expensive than if they had gotten health insurance when they were younger. However, with the rising costs of healthcare even a more expensive premium makes sense.

Get paid before you see the doctor

We know that it can be stressful to have to take care of somebody else's policy but with Oneplan, we make our claims system as quick and painless as possible. How? We pay you BEFORE you see your doctor.

Find out exactly how to claim with this breakdown of how to claim via the OnePlan App.

Make sure everybody in your family has access to the quality healthcare that they deserve!


Yours in zero-hassle insurance, 


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