The perfect pup for your little ones: Which breed is best?


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perfect pup for your little ones

Are you looking for the newest addition to your family? Find a lifelong companion for your kids in these loyal, gentle, fun-loving breeds.

A home can feel empty without a bounding, leaping fur-baby being a part of it. We’re sure you feel the same and that’s why you’re trying to find the perfect breed of dog to fit right in with your family.

When you have kids in the home, you want them to be safe whilst still being exposed to all there is to learn about the big, wide world. A great opportunity for this is to introduce a dog into the family. Your child will have years to learn about nurture, responsibility and which mud spots in the flower beds are the best for rolling around in together (awesome).

Things to keep in mind

Character and personality

What does your family like to do on the weekends? Do you have time to spare throughout your day for a high-energy dog? How old are your kids and what is the safest option?

All dogs are unique and bring their own quirks to the table but there are known traits about certain breeds that make a difference when choosing a pup.


Before you decide to fall in love with a Great Dane puppy and bring them into your two-bedroom, third-floor apartment: do your research on size. Also remember,  the bigger the dog the bigger the dog-food bill!

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How adaptable is your space for a dog? Would a large dog have enough room or would a smaller fur-baby be more comfortable with you?


Choosing to introduce a dog to your family means having a plan about how to care for them. Who will be responsible for what? And which responsibilities come with the breed of the dog coming? Can you afford to finance the real cost of pet care?

Bear in mind that the way your dog interacts with your children largely comes down to how to train them from the get-go.

The best breeds for the babies

And yes, they all happen to begin with a “B”.

1.   Boxer

If you have kids who are high energy and can entertain a zoomie dog for ages, you can bet on a Boxer. You will have to prioritise making sure your Boxer gets enough exercise. If you have tiny children that are still a bit wobbly, Boxers tend to be a little boisterous.

They will be incredibly loyal to their pack and are often trained to be service dogs due to their intelligence.

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2.   Beagle

Looking for a dog who’s more content with the calmer side of life? Cue: Beagle.

Your Beagle will feel like a second (or third or fourth etc.) baby - they are as curious, floppy and gentle as a child.

They are fantastic family dogs because of how they bond with many members of the family - they have a unique bond with each of their loved ones. Training and age do play a role here because Beagles are better to socialise and introduce to a large family when they are young.

3.   Boston Terrier

These small bursts of dynamite stand at about 28-37cm tall. Their size doesn’t mean that they aren’t sturdy companions. If you are fond of terriers but still enjoy having a gentle dog in the home, a Boston Terrier would be a wonderful choice.

Boston Terriers are famous for their sense of humour and will have you and your kids laughing non-stop. They quickly learn your child's limits and are responsible playmates.

If you have a baby who wakes up at the slightest creak in the floorboard, a Boston Terrier doesn’t bark often and won’t be another reason for disrupted sleep.

4.   Border Collie

Border Collies will be beautiful friends to your children IF you have a particular kind of lifestyle, home environment and love for dog training. Border Collies are traditional farm dogs and remarkable athletes, so if you have the time to train and adapt your Border Collie to family life you can gain a loyal member of the family.

5.   Bulldog

Bulldogs are commonly recognised for their child-friendly demeanours. They are a breed that really enjoys being part of a large family and socialising with other people and dogs. They are fantastic guard dogs and will make your kids feel secure and well looked after.

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Bulldogs can develop a stubborn streak and will have to abide by strict rules (which they enjoy, believe it or not). This is a good learning curve for your kids, too.

Adopt don’t shop

Of course, you can always do something that will change the life of a stray forever, and that is adopt from a shelter. For a far more affordable fee, why not pop into your local shelter and find a fur baby you love. Trust us, it’s not hard. Whenever we head over to our friend’s at CLAW, we have to stop ourselves from taking home every puppy, doggo or cat we make eye contact with.

Adopting a shelter dog will certainly change your life and theirs, forever.

Teaching your child to behave around dogs

It is also up to your kids to treat all dogs with love and respect.

Remind them to:

  1. Never pull on a dog’s ears, fur or tail.
  2. Give the dog space during meal times or rest periods.
  3. No matter how big the dog is, do not climb or try to ride on the dogs back.
  4. Remind your child that dogs have sensitive ears and screaming will make them scared.
  5. Never give a dog a fright or sneak up behind them.
  6. Never hurt the dog - on purpose or by accident.

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