Oneplan Health Insurance and doctors’ visits: Am I covered?


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Oneplan Health Insurance

Here’s the lowdown on how health insurance goes way beyond hospital claims all the way to visits to the doctor and day-to-day care. Hint - we only have Oneplan - and that’s to ensure you are covered for the expected, unexpected and everything in between. 

Like all people hoping to have access to excellent, private healthcare when they need it, you’ve probably heard about health insurance. Health insurance is how every day people are able to afford comprehensive cover for their health whilst knowing exactly what you’re covered for.

That’s the main point of difference between having a medical aid scheme and having health insurance. Medical aid is lawfully obligated to cover you for extreme and unexpected, on-specific events. Hey, we aren’t saying that it wouldn’t be great to be covered for everything but that’s just not what the average person can afford. It’s not even what the above-average person can afford! Instead with health insurance, you and your insurer work through exactly what you’re covered for and what events you can claim for.

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At Oneplan, we aim to make your health insurance as far-reaching as possible. That’s why we’re here to talk about how we go so much further than hospital claims and try to make each and every day a little bit easier for you, especially in the health department.

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What can I be covered for?

With the right insurer for you and your family, you can find cover for the expected AND the unexpected by finding a policy that covers one to three of these benefit divisions:

Health cover

This is where your visits to the doctor come in. We have four plans and each of them includes cover for routine care and visits to your doctor. We know that the day-to-day is where the trouble and bills can sneak in.

The routine care we cover you for includes:

  1. Doctor visits (we’ll chat more about that soon)
  2. Medication
  3. Radiology (X-rays)
  4. Pathology (Blood tests)
  5. Dentist visits
  6. Eye doctor visits

Hospital cover

Our four plans also include hospital cover, which is cover for any emergency accidents or illnesses that require care in a hospital. Our hospital cover allows you access to any private hospital for exceptional healthcare that would have been otherwise unaffordable.

This also includes dread disease cover for the really scary stuff.

Maternity cover

All of our plans include great maternal benefits but you can only access natural birth and emergency caesareans if you are a part of our Blue Plan, Professional Plan or Executive Plan. This means that you can birth your baby under the supervision of private doctors in a private hospital of your choice.

Our Core Plan will still have you covered with pre-birth benefits though which is always a weight off of your shoulders.

Visiting the doctor with Oneplan

We mentioned it earlier, but we really do want to make our clients lives as hassle-free as we can, which is why we change the game when it comes to visiting your doctor.

Lots of insurance brokers will provide you with a pool of doctors for you to choose from - all of whom we are sure are great options. There is just something about being with your doctor you’ve grown to know and respect though, right?

That’s why not much will change when you become a Oneplan member, you can still visit any doctor of your choice and we will oversee the damage.

Here’s what will change: you will be paid upfront before you visit your doctor of choice.

We don’t think you need to be bothered with admin-riddled claims and we certainly don’t think you need to be bothered with scrambling around for funds to pay for your visit to the doctor. Put your credit card away and listen to how we pay you before your appointment.

When you become a Oneplan family member you will be given a Onecard that links directly to your Oneplan App. From here, you can request to load funds onto your card before your visit. It’s as easy as 5 steps:

  1. Log into the Oneplan App
  2. Select “Load Claim”
  3. Select the type of event you want to claim for
  4. Use the drop-down arrows to select the date and the member
  5. Hit Proceed

From there it’s as easy as finishing up your appointment, paying with your Onecard as you would a debit card and boom, you’re on your way.


Yours in hassle-free health insurance,


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