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How you can train your dog to behave in the home, without leaving the home! 

It seems that nearly anything can be done online these days, so it’s no surprise that the internet can be used to train your furry best friend! You and your dog are going to spend many happy years together and this goes hand in hand with making sure they know how to behave in your house.

Every pet and pet owner is unique and will have different, wonderful relationships with one another. This means that before you start training your dog, you need to decide the “why” behind wanting to train your dog. What do you want the end result to be?

A well-mannered dog! A dog that knows how to greet guests (old and new), how to stay away from the dinner table and go on epic adventures with you.

Why it’s worth training your dog

Training your dog isn’t about taking away their natural personality and quirks, no sir! It’s about making sure that they are safe, healthy and that you have a closer bond.

A dog that hasn’t been well trained and isn’t sure how to react in a social environment can be a danger to you, other people and other dogs. They can be a danger to themselves, too. Pet training isn’t a luxury add-on of pet care - it’s the responsible thing to do.

You two need to get to know each other

Whether you are bringing a puppy into your home or an older rescue dog, training can be done at any age and establishes a deeper connection between you and your dogs. Setting boundaries and finding out how to have a mutual friendship is one of the best things you can do as a pet parent.

Your dog needs to know how to keep safe

Having a confident, self-assured companion by your side is always pleasant. You know they will make good decisions and listen to your commands when you see danger coming. They will know not to fight with other dogs in the park or run into traffic. You can have significantly more peace of mind with a solid training history.

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Your home can remain intact (very important)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your puppy experiences will always be rainbow and butterflies - expect to find some chewed slippers and morning parcels on the carpet. Your dog needs time to learn the lay of the land and it’s your job to teach them.

Your vet will like you a lot more

Our service providers deal first-hand with vets every day and we’ve heard some crazy stories of trying to manage wildly distressed pets.

Taking your dog to the vet can be stressful enough. If your dog reacts violently to touch it will be nearly impossible for your vet and their team to treat infected wounds, gums, teeth or nails.

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You can lend a paw to other pet-owners

Animal people are the best people and always like to extend their knowledge. Even if you aren’t a qualified or experienced dog trainer, you can absorb a lot from your dogs’ training sessions and pass the knowledge on to overwhelmed pet owners.

Your dog wants to be a good boy!

One thing we know about dogs is that they love a good round of applause from the people they love. Your dog is getting great stimulation for their skills and instincts when they train with you - keeping them mentally sharp and healthy.

Dogs have talents and activities that they love to do.

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Dog training gone digital

Now we know about dog training in general, let’s talk about how it operates in a digital area.

There are a few routes you can take: pay for a pre-recorded training series, live stream a training session or you could use free platforms like YouTube to teach your dog to be a good boy.

Why do people consider digital dog training? Firstly, it saves a lot of time. If there aren’t many trainers in your area, you could find a chunk of your weekly routine being dedicated to driving Bruno around to puppy training.

Speaking about driving, maybe your dog absolutely hates the car. Being calm in the car is something explored in dog training but some dogs simply cannot bear it. Online classes are helpful for older dogs who are afraid of travelling by car and would benefit from being in the comfort of their own home.

You shouldn’t have to miss out on bonding with your dog and teaching them new skills just because the world has gone a little bonkers. If you are autoimmune compromised or generally just staying indoors more these days, online dog training can be a wonderful option.

To end, remember that training your dog from home will take patience. You need to be consistent and prepared. You are their physical trainer now after all!

Enjoy this time with your fur-baby and all the best!


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