Claiming from insurance vs. paying for it yourself: What works best for your wallet


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Claiming from insurance

Are you still on the fence about insuring your car? Look no further to make up your mind.

Hello! This is your friendly neighbourhood insurance company speaking and we’re here to give you a gentle shake by the shoulders that YOU NEED TO GET YOUR CAR INSURANCE ACT TOGETHER (sorry, we get a bit excited when we’re telling you about getting insured).

If you’re feeling a bit affronted by all caps, let us tell you why we’re so adamant about every driver on the road being insured: because you simply cannot afford not to be. If you can’t afford car insurance, you can’t afford a car. That’s how we think about it.

So if you’ve been tricked into the mindset that insurance is old-school, unaffordable and more of a headache than anything else, we’re here to change your mind about comprehensive vehicle insurance.

What does a car cost?

Sometimes, an arm and a leg. By that, we mean a huge chunk of your savings.

Considering that 70% of drivers on the road are uninsured, you run a huge risk of getting into an accident where you will be responsible for covering the damage for your repairs and the repairs of the other car. 

A serious accident can cost you anywhere between a couple of thousand rands to hundreds of thousands of rands. We wouldn’t advise waiting around whilst unprotected to see what that number is. Even a mild fender bender is going to set you back significantly.

You need to then bear in mind your fuel and travel costs, along with the cost of inflation, are creeping higher and higher as the months go by (remember to keep an eye on the news to be notified about fuel hikes so you can fill up the night before).

Your car needs routine maintenance to ensure you are safe on the roads. These costs add up, especially when unexpected problems arise that you had no idea about. 

When you consider the rate of stolen vehicles and hijackings, we’re surprised people still own uninsured cars. The cost of a stolen car without car insurance is going to be...well...the price of an entirely new car.

The cost of car insurance

Oneplan doesn’t only believe in hassle-free insurance, we believe in insurance that puts you back in the driver's seat. What you’ll pay for car insurance depends entirely on your risk profile - we take into account the model and age of your car, how well you drive and where your car is mostly parked.

Cover as much as you can and want to, at the price you can afford by being able to control your excess. Plus, you get R 2.5 Million third party liability cover (that’s for when you are responsible for the damage caused to another vehicle).

Claiming from insurance

Let’s set the scene:

You’ve been in a car accident. You’re not badly hurt but you did need to spend a night in the hospital to have your vitals monitored. We highly doubt you have the time or the energy to fill out long, complicated forms which is why we handle the process for you.

Oneplan changes the way you do claims, so forget everything you thought you knew about insurance. With the Oneplan App, you can claim straight from the palm of your hand. You will need to follow these incredibly easy steps :

  1. Log in to the Oneplan App.
  2. Enter your current policy number.
  3. Select“Car and Household”.
  4. Select the “my claims” icon and next select the “load claim” icon.
  5. You will then select the vehicle you want to claim for and the type of incident you need to claim for.
  6. Complete the incident info and don’t skip out on the details. The more thorough you are, the more we can help you out
  7. Upload the images of your accident and we take it from there!

If you digest information better through visuals and video, check out our YouTube video on our claims process by clicking here.

How do you get covered?

This is another misconception about insurance - that it’s difficult to get a policy and that it takes time to orchestrate. Not with Oneplan! All we require from you is to snap a picture of your car, upload it to the Oneplan App and voila - no vehicle inspections, excess you can control and comprehensive insurance from the palm of your hand.

You see, getting car insurance is easier than you knew. Plus, with a claiming system so simple, you’d be crazy not to join the Oneplan Family.


Yours in hassle-free car insurance,


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