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Cuddly pet? Check. Comprehensive pet insurance? Check. Figuring out how to make the best of your policy? Nearly!

You did it! You got organised and you got a pet insurance policy that benefits you and your furry friend. We’re sure you’re already feeling the soothing benefits of knowing that your pet will have access to the best medical care and that you will have access to the funds to pay for it.

Having pet insurance is a no-brainer for pet-parents around the world and we hope that once you’ve spent more time with us, you’ll have no doubts in your mind as to why. Once your pet is insured, there are a few terms and protocols that you should understand. After all, it’s a pretty exciting thing to have started and you’re missing out if you don’t know the full package.

At Oneplan, we are always going to make things simple for our clients - which is why we’re going to run through some of the most common insurance terms and perks you’ll be dealing with after you sign the dotted line.

What is an inception date?

The happiest day of your life! Okay, weddings and child-birth aside. “Inception Date” means the date the policy becomes active, meaning you can start claiming for your pet. This will always fall on the first day of a calendar month and commences from the first successful collection of the debit order.

Waiting periods

All insurers will include waiting periods. A waiting period is the amount of time that must pass before you are allowed to claim for certain illnesses or conditions.

The people who get angry about waiting periods are the people who don’t understand waiting periods. Waiting periods are put in place by insurance companies to protect themselves so that they continue to protect their clients. With waiting periods in place, people will avoid waiting until their pet has an expensive or chronic condition to get insured.

With Oneplan, there is a zero-day waiting period for accidents. If your furry friend is unexpectedly injured the morning after your insurance policy is signed, you will be covered. Here are the rest of our waiting periods that come alongside some amazing benefits:

  • Vet visits (30 days)
  • Routine care (30 days)
  • Kennel cover (3 months)
  • Illness cover (3 months)

After you sign off on your pet insurance policy, make sure to go and brush up on your waiting periods so that you don’t waste any time claiming for something you can’t claim for yet!

Why Oneplan is worth the wait

In case you needed a reminder of why Oneplan is worth it, here’s how we make insurance hassle-free for you and your pet:

  • Go to any vet of your choice (we know how long it took you to find a vet that didn’t make Bella hiss like a demon)
  • Zero hassle app-based insurance = more time to play catch with your four-legged friend
  • Access to your premium from the palm of your hand through the Oneplan App.

Have your pet medical records available

When your waiting periods are over and you need to make a claim, please make sure you have your pets medical records available. Whilst we don’t require your pets medical records to activate your insurance but we do need them to make sure your claims are done properly. It’s really great to have the documents on hand so that you can keep tabs on how your pets' health changes throughout their life.

A pets medical record is a confidential document that will detail your vet’s observations about your pet’s health from each of the visits made to that vet. This document is going to be helpful for us, you and any future vets who treat your pet!

Remember pre-existing conditions

Head’s up ‐ this is a  kind of condition that existed before your policy began. It doesn’t always mean that your pet was diagnosed or that the condition was confirmed as your pet could have been showing symptoms that would still classify its condition as pre-existing.

There aren’t a lot of pet insurance brokers around that cover pre-existing conditions, but Oneplan does. If your pet is diagnosed with a pre-existing condition either before your policy or maybe at your visit to the vet to update your pets medical records, you will be fully covered after completing your 12-month waiting period.

Sit back and relax

You did it! You made a good move and now you deserve to reap the rewards. Knowing that your pet is secure and financially protected is the peace of mind you’re paying for each month, and it’s totally worth it.


Yours in insurance you could cuddle,


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