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Don’t only rely on insurance to cover only scripted medication - we’ve added over the counter cover, too!

Oneplan has always been an insurer that thinks about the lives of everyday people, with everyday happenings and everyday problems that they need to tackle one by one. We pride ourselves on being health insurers that make your life easier in any way that we can, which is why we offer incredible day-to-day and routine cover in all of our policies.

We know that the big costs don’t always come from the big emergencies, but it’s the doctors consults and check-ups and medicine on the go that leaves a little dent in our wallet each time. That just doesn’t sit right with us - why should your health be so expensive and why should you have to feel hard done by just for taking care of yourself? Our answer? You shouldn’t.

Health insurance: The Oneplan way

Getting health insurance means that you can secure peace of mind knowing that when you need medical attention, you will be taken to a private institution and be covered for exceptional health care. In South Africa, a private hospital is where you want to be during an emergency.

At Oneplan, all of our plans are comprehensive and offer you comprehensive day-to-day benefits such as:

  1. Cover for doctor visits (we also front you with cash before you see your doctor and let you keep your doctor or change when you’d like to).
  2. Cover for dental care
  3. Cover for optometry
  4. Cover for blood tests
  5. Cover for X-rays
  6. Scripted medication

Over the counter coverage

These days, we cover you for medicine that doesn’t need a script. Scripted medication refers to medication that legally requires a prescription from your doctor in order for you to be given the medicine.

In the past, our medication coverage didn’t apply to over the counter medication - we were very specific about it, in fact. Over the counter medication is a medicine that you can get without a prescription from a recognised doctor. Then we realised that people shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for their medicine just because they didn’t go for a consult. The same limitations still apply,


How much am I covered for?

With our four different plans, you are covered for over the counter medication within all of them. Here is how much of your cover will go towards over the counter medication:

Please note that these prices are reflective of the date that this article was written. For up to date pricing, please follow this link.

Over the counter medication limitations

You cannot claim for the following medications:

  • Chronic conditions that existed before your policy started
  • Pre-existing conditions that started before your policy or within the first three months
  • Vaccinations
  • Tonics, supplements and stimulants

Get paid before you claim

The Oneplan Team wants people to make healthy choices, which is why we try to make good health choices easy and affordable for everybody. You shouldn’t have to avoid spending money on medication because of the cost, so we’ve got you covered!

Oneplan is all about making health insurance as easy as possible because you have enough to worry about besides claims and payments and credit card bills. That’s why we pay you upfront before you visit the doctor by using your Onecard and Oneplan App. The Onecard is used as a debit card: we load it with money, you swipe and we pay!

All you have to do is follow these easy steps to make sure your health (and bank balance) are in good hands:

  1. Visit the submit claim feature on the app.
  2. Capture the date of the consultation.
  3. Select the type of consultation.
  4. Request the claim amount.
  5. Get the claim funds paid into your Onecard transactional card within minutes.

You can also chat to us anytime via the app to get up to date with your policy, any questions you have or any on-the-go changes you want to make! Flexibility is at the forefront of everything we do and we hope this shows when you start your insurance journey with us.

Becoming a part of the family

It couldn’t be easier if you tried! You can become a part of the Oneplan Health family in minutes by getting a live quote on our website, signing up through the Oneplan App or getting one of our consultants to give you a ring (these consultants also happen to be qualified nurses so you’re in very experienced hands)

Yours in hassle-free insurance,


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