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A common misconception is that it is a lot easier to take care of a cat than it is a dog. Well, we’re ready to prove why that isn’t exactly the case and how our feline friends come with their own set of expenses.

From picking out their new favourite toy to finding a collar for them and figuring out what name should go on the tag, owning a cat is a definite adventure. So much so that it is super easy for you to get caught up in all that cuteness and forget about the important stuff. Stuff like pet insurance.

Now your cat may have nine lives but that doesn’t make them invincible.

The costs of curious cats

As any cat owner will tell you, cats are naturally inquisitive. They are the happiest jumping from heights and testing out their claw strength on your furniture. And while they may live lives that are pretty carefree, accidents do happen. We, unfortunately, see it all the time.

Now the aim here isn’t to scare you at all – we promise. Instead, it’s about showing you that we absolutely love the adventurous nature of cats and we just want to make sure that in the event anything should happen, they are safe and covered. They aren’t just a pet, they’re an additional family member.

Preparing for the unexpected

Look, we know that from the moment you get your new furbaby, pet insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. But it really should be. Cat accidents are incredibly frequent and you don’t want to wait until a major incident to realise that you should have taken out comprehensive cover.

Although we don’t exactly know what the future holds, we do know that the best way to predict it is to remain prepared. Taking out comprehensive cat insurance is the best way to do just that!

For example, should your cat accidentally chew on a toxic plant or misjudge a big jump, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t need to try and tame their boisterous nature. Because you have a team that loves your cat’s personality, their sense of adventure and will to do everything in their power to make sure that they get access to the best medical attention.

The real costs of owning a cat

At first glance, owning a cat may seem more cost-effective. At a basic level, they are a pretty costly pet to own. They are happy to entertain themselves and groom themselves and they will sleep anywhere but the expensive bed that you purchased them.

In reality, owning a little cat comes with a rather hefty price tag if you don’t have insurance. The truth is that there have been a number of medical advances when it comes to the health of your cat – and they don’t come cheap. There has been a significant increase in veterinarian bills when it comes to cats. A simple check-up can actually set you back thousands of Rands.

That’s where pet insurance steps in and helps cover all of the bills.

But let’s see just how frequent cat injuries are, shall we?

Common cat injuries

It may be super tempting to skip out on pet insurance when you bring a new cat into the family. We get it. No one likes the idea of adding another debit order to their current list. But at the same time, no one likes experiencing medical debt because they didn’t have the right precautions in place.

So to prove just how important pet insurance is, here are a few common illnesses and diseases that are found in cats.

  1. Digestive issues
  2. Cancer
  3. Kidney Failure
  4. Heart Disease
  5. Diabetes

It is also important to note that finding these symptoms with cats is pretty difficult. Cats are known for having hiding symptoms that only truly show themselves when the issue is already noticeable.

It is because of the low detection rate in cats that their vet bills are pretty high because, by the time you discover that something is wrong with your pet, it is most likely pretty severe.

So how do we avoid these scenarios? Easy! With Oneplan pet insurance.

Ready to be impressed?

Benefits of having cat insurance

Preventative care

Wow, we cannot stress how important this specific benefit is. Prevention is better than a cure. By opting for our cat insurance, you can ultimately prolong your cat’s life by ensuring early detection of any illnesses or diseases.

It is affordable

Getting your little feline friend access to exceptional private veterinarian care sounds like it would be expensive. But you can relax because it is totally affordable with Oneplan. Our team has worked incredibly hard to ensure that our insurance doesn’t break the bank.

Choose your own vet

Do you know how most insurance companies make you stick to a set of networked medical practitioners? Well, at Oneplan we want your pet to feel comfortable, so we allow you to see any licensed vet of your choosing

Wellness cover is included

Wellness and routine check-ups are a crucial part of maintaining the health and wellbeing of your kitty. From annual check-ups and necessary exams, we make sure that our listed wellness benefits are included in our various pet insurance policies.

Tail-o-made solutions

We aren’t saying that this is a situation of keeping the best for last BUT just know that this specific benefit is everything.

At Oneplan we don’t believe that any two pets are exactly the same and neither are two policies. They are unique in their own way and we want to embrace that. Which is why we have tail-o-made premiums where we base your premium off of YOUR specific pet!

Having pet insurance is the stress relief that you need (and quite frankly deserve) as a cat parent. Not only does it protect you from high medical bills but grants you absolute peace – which you deserve.

Yours in affordable pet insurance,


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