How to save money this year: 7 Fuel-saving tips


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Fuel-saving tips

After a fun and exciting December, many of us experience the struggle of the (particularly South African) Januworry. January usually lasts for approximately 3.5 months and the money in our accounts lasts about 3.5 minutes. We understand the struggle of trying to make your money last which is why we are sharing our top fuel-saving tips.

January can be an exhausting month. Between getting back into the swing of things, getting adjusted to a new routine and preparing your mind to get into work-mode, worrying about money is the last thing you want to do. 

One of the biggest burdens on our budgets is the price of fuel. Filling up your car is a grudge purchase, you watch the cash in your pocket decrease as you stare at the fuel pump.

Don’t you (Janu)worry though because our fuel-saving tips will have you saving some cash in no time!

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Our fuel-saving tips

1.   Service your car regularly

Not only does a regular car service ensure your car is safe for the road but it also keeps everything in pristine working order.

By making sure you’re getting your car serviced regularly, your car’s engine will be in a great condition which will ensure your car is using the fuel efficiently.

Get into the habit of scheduling regular services for your vehicle but you don’t have to go too often. Take a look inside your car’s service book to see when is the best time to take your car for a service.

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2.   Consider driving with your windows closed

We know this sounds a little bit bizarre but driving with your windows closed and at an optimum speed will lower your wind resistance and end up saving you on fuel.

When you’re trying to save some money on fuel, try to avoid extra loads on the outside of your vehicle, like attaching a bicycle to a bike rack. Avoiding this will ensure your car is aerodynamic.

3.   Pack smart

Now is not the time to load your vehicle with as much as you can. 

The heavier your vehicle is inside, the more fuel your car will use to get from A to B. Keep things light if you’re travelling often which will ensure your vehicle is light on fuel too.

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4.   Avoid idling

Did you know that keeping your car’s engine running when the car isn’t moving burns fuel unnecessarily?

If you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for someone for more than 20 seconds, rather switch off your engine rather than letting your vehicle idle for too long.

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5.   Gear up

If you have a manual car, make sure to go into a higher gear at the optimal time which will reduce your engine speed and use fuel more efficiently. Try to gear up as soon as you can to save on some extra petrol!

6.   Battery health is important

A worn-out battery, a depleted battery or a drained battery are not your friends. The more worn-out your car’s battery is, the higher the impact on your fuel economy.

Make sure to check your battery regularly to ensure it’s in great working condition!

7.   Good tyres are necessary

It’s important to keep your tyres inflated to the recommended pressure noted in your owner’s manual.

When your tyres are at the correct tyre pressure, this helps reduce drag on the road and will then decrease the amount of fuel used. Not only does this help you save fuel but it’s also safer on the road and helps prolong the longevity of your tyres too.

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Some of our other favourite fuel-saving tips

  1. Don’t drive very aggressively. Not only is it super dangerous but you will eat through your petrol. All round, this is a bad idea. 
  2. Carpooling is a great way to try to save on fuel. Ask your fellow travellers to contribute to the trip.
  3. Don’t over-rev your car. Firstly, nobody is impressed by the revving sounds of the car and secondly, your petrol tank hates it too.
  4. Try to fill up when your car is at half a tank rather than on empty so you aren’t spending too much all at once. 

Overall, the best thing to do to save on fuel and money is to keep your car in great condition. Maintaining your vehicle will save you some cash in the long run. Another great idea is to have a great car insurance policy in place for those unexpected expenses (we thought we’d just casually throw that in… casually).


Be safe on the road!


Yours in comprehensive car insurance,


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