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60 Seconds to Claim

Welcome to instant pet insurance with Oneplan

You’ve made peace with the fact that you need to pay for pet insurance. In fact, you’re even feeling a bit more positive about it these days. What still bothers you a little bit, however, is that you need to file and wait for a claim someday soon.

Luckily, Oneplan has you covered when it comes to saving time, so you don’t need to dread when the time to claim rolls around.

Time costs money, and we help you save with both with insurance that offers: Sixty seconds to get insured, sixty seconds to claim and sixty seconds to get paid. 

Okay, so let’s dive into what makes Oneplan so pawsome, and why it could just be the time-saving fit you’re looking for!

A quick disclaimer

Hey! Pssst! Yes, you! Now, we have to do our due diligence and remind you that whilst these processes are snappy, they may take a little longer than sixty seconds. 

This may be because your mother-in-law forgot her password again, you’re not very tech-savvy or you forgot your bifocals at work. Even with these obstacles in the way, using the Oneplan App is easier than ever before and will have you covered, claimed and paid in no time.

Sixty seconds to get insured

What else takes sixty seconds?

Sixty seconds to heat up your cup of tea you forgot about. Sixty seconds to reply to that email you’ve been ignoring. Hey, it could even take sixty seconds to pick your clothes up off the floor. Whatever you’re doing, sixty seconds of action can make a huge difference in your life.

So why not take sixty seconds to join South Africa’s most tail-wag-worthy pet insurance

Getting a policy for your pet really is as easy as 1,2,3! If you want to check out how quick and easy our online sign-ups are, then check it out by clicking right here (and we promise that we will not call you unless you ask us to!)

Sixty seconds to claim

We know how important it is to stay on the ball when it comes to your pet’s health, which is partly why we developed the Oneplan App. 

We had grown tired of seeing paying clients pay out of their own pocket, so we decided to do something about it! Enter: The Oneplan App and the Onecard. 

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you’ll have heard of the famous Onecard that’s changing the game for pet owners everywhere! When you join the Oneplan fam, you become eligible for a Onecard which will be sent straight to your door (Not applicable to Accident plan). Once you have the card, you can use the Oneplan App to claim almost instantly!

Sixty seconds to get paid

Once you’ve made your claim on the Oneplan App, it gets whizzed off to our side and we then load the claim money onto your Onecard for day to day claims.

Say goodbye to worrying about how you’re going to pay and wait around for your insurer - you have a Onecard now!

Once you’re done at the appointment you’ve claimed for (remember that you have to claim for the event if you want to swipe your Onecard), you simply just swipe your Onecard like you would a debit or credit card and voila, you’re good to go!

You’ll also need to snap a quick picture of your invoice and upload it to the app so that we can approve the payment.

What else makes Oneplan so tail-wag-worthy?

Pick and keep your vet

Yep, that’s right! We won’t force you to choose from a preselected network of vets. Instead, you can go to any vet of your choice (as long as they’re in South Africa). 

Visit the Onepet Store

For our Hospital Plan, Classic Plan and Super Plan members, we have the Onepet Store. Fondly known as “The Place Where Fur Parents Shop”. This online store is dedicated to all things premiums and all things pets. You can expect to find top of the range dog foods, medication, grooming products at toys. 

Plus, members are eligible for a pawsome discount of up to 25%!

Track the wellness of your pet

You don’t need to set aside hours to learn about the health of your pet - you can access it all through the Oneplan Wellness Wheel. The Wellness Wheel is a part of our app that tracks your pets life cycle and ages as they do, meaning you can always see where your pet is at in whichever stage of their life.


Yours in pet insurance you could cuddle,


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