Mastering pet insurance in 4 simple steps


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Mastering Pet Insurance

If you are a newbie to the pet insurance world, you can breathe a sigh of relief. All you need to do is save this blog for reference and know that by the end you will know EXACTLY how to master the art of pet insurance.

If you are not familiar with pet insurance, it can seem incredibly intimidating. Ideas that your pet can now have a policy (much like a human being) can be a lot to take in. More so, being introduced to a whole new pet-related vocabulary can be slightly off-putting. But here’s the thing, your pet shows you so much unconditional love that it’s time for you to return the favour.

No other means of affection and care will ever match the level of love that comes from pet insurance. By taking this step you will not only become the perfect pet owner but be helping your pet live its happiest, healthiest life ever! And what more could you want?

So, let’s empower ourselves with the 6 most important steps in mastering pet insurance!

1. Understand what pet insurance actually is

This point may seem redundant. If you’re looking for pet insurance, surely you know what it is? Well, you’d be wrong. In fact, many pet policyholders have taken out this kind of coverage and still do not fully understand what it means. The error here is that if you don’t know what pet insurance is, you will not be able to figure out what exactly it can do for you and how best to master it.

So, before you dive in head first, you need to make sure that you fully understand what pet insurance is – in its full capacity.

To save you from an unnecessary Google search, let me help you define this term. Once you understand this, and somewhat memorise it, navigating this industry becomes a lot easier.

Pet insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company that guarantees that they will compensate you for your pet's healthcare-related expenses in return for a set monthly premium.

Without insurance, vet bills, hospital stays, and medical treatments can skyrocket into the thousands.

2. Get familiar with new terminology

This point lends itself to what we had mentioned earlier about knowledge being powerful. Now that you know what pet insurance is, you actually understand what to put into Google’s search bar. Next challenge? Making sense of all the new words that are bound to pop up. While some of the words you see will be familiar if you have human health insurance, some may be known, some you may have seen but never fully understood.

Regardless, before you part with your hard-earned money it’s important that you understand every single word that your pet insurance policy throws your way! This will ensure that you truly make the most out of your pet insurance!

Here are a few words that you may encounter on your pet insurance journey:

  1. Exclusions
  2. Pre-existing condition
  3. Waiting period
  4. Wellness/Routine cover

3. Know what kind of coverage you want

The next step in conquering pet insurance is understanding what it is that you want. When it comes to this kind of medical coverage, there is no one size fits all here. Pet insurance is all about providing pet owners with options that suit their needs and their budget. There are a number of policy options out there that you can explore.

Generally, pet insurance policies fall under 3 categories:

  1. Accident Cover
  2. Illness Cover
  3. Wellness Cover/Routine care

By understanding the level of coverage that you need and your budget, you will be able to decide on the best policy that suits you.

4. Ask questions

As we get older, we tend to shy away from admitting that we might not know everything. However, the reality, which we so infrequently don’t want to admit, is that we don’t know everything. There is no shame in admitting that things may confuse us.

Start asking questions! Especially when it comes to pet insurance.

You deserve the absolute best, and so does your pet which means getting the courage to pick up the phone and ask a question. Call pet insurers and ask them about their offerings, ask them to explain terms you don’t understand, ask them anything you’d like to know!

Remember that it is also our job to explain things to you. We are here to help you, so lean on our knowledge and expertise. While the internet can be incredibly resourceful sometimes it’s best to hear another human being gently explaining the world of pet insurance to you.

All you have to do is ask!

Yours in tail-o-made pet insurance,


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