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Tricks Stress Free Halloween

It is time to dust your costume off and get the sweeties out of the cupboard because Halloween is around the corner! Whilst you are getting ready for the spooky festivities, don’t forget to keep your precious pet in mind when planning for this terrifyingly terrific occasion!

Whilst some furry friends love the hustle and bustle of Halloween (and the treats that are dropped along the way), other pets may find this time of year can be a nightmare, filled with stress and anxiety.

Whilst you are preparing your costumes and pulling out the skeleton decorations, it is important to consider that your pup or kitty cat may not find “trick-or-treating” as fun as you do!

Here are 5 tips and tricks on how to keep your previous pet happy and safe during this ghostly night.

1.  First things first, sweets – a treat for you, a trick for your four-legged friend!

Treats packed with sugar are a big no-no for your precious pet. Many ingredients in Halloween candy can be dangerous and very harmful to your pet’s digestive system, namely chocolate, gum, sugar and xylitol.

Make sure that your Halloween stash is kept in a safe place, such as a cabinet or in a Tupperware, that is not in reach of your furry pals.

The popular pumpkin decoration is considered to be relatively non-toxic, however, they do often cause animals to get an upset stomach. It is best to prevent your furry friend from nibbling the jack-o-lantern.

And remember to keep an eye on your kiddies and their Halloween loot. “Sharing is caring” isn’t the right lesson to teach in this situation!

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2.  Keep your furry friend in a quiet place, safe from the Halloween goblins and ghouls

The night of Halloween: the streets fill with kiddies hopped up on sugar, many scary masks and lots of laughter and shouting. This can be very stressful for a pup or kitty, so it is best to keep your pet indoors, far from the cowboys and ghosts running around outside.

Make sure that your pet has a warm, comfy bed, plenty of water and snacks and their favourite toy to help them feel safe and secure whilst the festivities take place.

Many pets react to scary situations by making a run for it. It is very important to ensure that your doors and gates are closed to prevent your precious pet from running away, should they feel scared of the monster and witch costumes.

In case your pet does manage to make a great escape, it is very important that all of your pets are microchipped or wearing a secure, updated form of identification.

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3.  Make sure to do a Halloween costume fitting before the big day

A puppy in a pumpkin suit? A kitty cat in a Harry Potter costume? Sounds adorable right?! Whilst it is very tempting to put your pooch into a Halloween costume, you need to consider if your pet will enjoy being dressed up. Make sure that you pick out a comfortable costume for your pet and doesn’t restrict their vision, hearing or movement.

Try on your pet’s Halloween costume beforehand to ensure that they are comfortable and safe in their new gear. And remember, don’t force it on your pet, if they aren’t happy to wear it, rather swap it out for a bandana or colourful collar! If you’re lucky enough to have a pet confident enough to strut around in their ghost costume, keep an eye on them to ensure that the costume doesn’t get stuck or chewed off!

4.  Keep the Halloween decorations out of reach

It is part of the Halloween fun to decorate your home with carved jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, bats and a spooky skeleton or two, but these decorations can be dangerous should your doggo or cat get a hold of them! Curious kittens are likely to burn themselves on Halloween candles, and excited pups will knock over decorations when they get the zoomies. Ditch the classic Halloween decorations and make your own pet-friendly décor, such as a spooky haunted house made out of a cardboard box or put treats in a brown paper bag for a pet-version of ‘Trick-or-Treat’!

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5.  Don’t take your pet trick-or-treating with you!

It may seem like a good idea to bring your pet with you and your family whilst you knock on the neighbour's door, yelling “trick-or-treat”, however, your pet is likely to get overwhelmed by all of the costumes, loud noises and many different people. Rather leave your pet with a sitter or leave them in the safety of a warm, comfortable room in your house. Trust us, you’d much rather be filling up your bags with sweets than searching your neighbours garden for your precious pooch or curious cat!

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