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Next Big Thing Health

If you haven’t heard, there’s a better way to do health insurance. Find out everything you need to know about affordable, on-the-ball health insurance with Oneplan

Health insurance is so much more than a hospital plan, with a range of cover options to choose from, you get the best of private healthcare at the price you can afford.

Are you looking for health insurance that has your best interests at heart? Well, look no further. It’s here, it’s us. We’re Oneplan, one of South Africas most popular health insurance brokers with some of the lowest rates with the highest payouts on the market.

We offer reliable health insurance with a twist that makes it easier for you to get the most out of your policy.

What is the Oneplan difference?

Private healthcare when you need it most

The whole point of health insurance is to gain access to private healthcare. In South Africa, private hospitals are something that everybody dreams about, but almost nobody can afford.

If you want high-quality healthcare, a private hospital is the only way to go. It’s unfortunate that our public hospitals are running on fumes after the COVID-19 pandemic and minimal government funding. We don’t believe that people should have to forego excellent healthcare because of their budget.

All four of our policies will open the door to private healthcare when you need it the most, and they don’t break the bank either.

Get paid before you see the doctor

Have you ever been with an insurer who took ages to log your claims and you ended up waiting weeks before you ever saw the money? That just doesn’t cut it for us.

Instead, we pay you before you see the doctor.

It’s so simple. When you become a Oneplan member, you get sent something called a Onecard. Your Onecard is for all of your medical payments that are covered by your policy.

Our members make claims through the Oneplan App (goodbye paperwork, we won’t miss you). When you have a doctor visit coming up, you just log the visit into your profile on the app. Once we receive your claim, we send the funds to your Onecard. Once your appointment is finished, you’ll go straight to the counter and swipe your Onecard as you would any other debit or credit card.

You don’t need to pay out of pocket and wait for your money - we have you covered upfront!

Keep your doctor - we let you go to the doctor of your choice

We know that the relationship with your doctor is important - sometimes people stay with the same doctor for years and years.

It becomes even more personal when you have a family. When you’ve finally found the doctor that doesn’t make your child shriek and give you the side-eye for switching to formula, you want to hold on to them for dear life.

But you don’t need to: you can fully relax knowing the Oneplan will never make you change your doctor. You can go to any doctor of your choice (as long as they are a licenced practitioner in the country of South Africa)

Cover for day-to-day costs and emergencies

All four of our policies offer fantastic out of hospital benefits. That’s the great thing about health insurance: it isn’t just for the big things.

Accidents and illnesses aren’t the only things you need to be covered for: day-to-day costs and routine care are equally as important. What does routine cover include? Take a look at the following:



You can take a guess as to how much those relatively small procedures can add up, which is why we outline specific limits dedicated to routine healthcare.

Casualty cover has you protected from medical emergencies. When something bad happens, whether you fall sick or injure yourself, Oneplan covers your hospital care. This falls under hospital cover which includes:


  • Accident cover
  • Accident disability
  • Illness
  • Natural Birth and Emergency Caesareans
  • Dread disease
  • Family Death Cover
  • Ambulance and Emergency Services


Family discounts

It’s not just about you - it’s about your family, too.

With Oneplan, you can have up to 6 family members on one policy and they will all have the same cover as you do. Plus, you don’t need to pay full price per new family member! Take a look at how we break it down here for our Blue Plan: (head’s up, these prices are reflective of the date on which this blog was written, to ensure you are up to date - click here)

Single R770

Single Insured + 1 Child: R1220

Single Insured + 2 Children: R1660

Single Insured + 3 Children: R2095

Single Insured + 4 Children: R2515

Couple R1485

Couple + 1 Child: R1 925

Couple + 2 Children: R2275

Couple + 3 Children: R2600

Couple + 4 Children: R2905

You can see that as you add more people to your plan, you aren’t necessarily paying the full single amount that you would pay for just one person.

Does all of this sound good to you? Then get in touch! We’ll get you insured faster than you can make your next cup of tea.


Yours in affordable health insurance, 


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