Spooky tales of emergency vet care


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Spooky Tales Vet Care

If you thought that spooky season only happened during Halloween, think again because the real terrors happen within the doors of the emergency vet unit.

If you are looking for a real scare, look no further than your vet’s ER section. This space sees countless scary stories that will not only shock you but make you realise that those terrifying vet emergencies are VERY real. And that they are a lot more common than you may even realise! Yikes!

A scary statistic

Uh, if you thought pet emergencies weren’t a common thing, then do we have news for you. While spooky season comes but once a year, pet emergencies are a lot more frequent. Ready to see a statistic that is sure to give you a fright?

Well, every 1 in 3 pets will experience some kind of medical emergency.

Scary right?

It is easy to think of emergencies as this far distant thing that will never happen to you. But they are real, and you need to be able to deal with the situation should it happen to you.

Read on if you dare…

A harrowing cost

One of the most terrifying elements involved with emergency vet care is the price. It doesn’t matter what tax bracket you find yourself in, the reality is that emergency vet care doesn’t come cheap. Especially since there are costs involved that you might not have accounted for. For example, medication, MRIs, blood sampling. The costs really do add up.

But there is a reason why their services come with a hefty price tag.

The first thing you need to know is that vets are not in it for the money. If all they cared about was their bottom line, then they would not have studied for years and years on end, worked late nights, early mornings and paid to open their own vet rooms.

Never mind their community service years and various outreach programs so many of them are involved in.

Business is business

Vets do that they do because they have a passion for animals and helping them to lead healthy and happy lives.

What pet owners tend to forget is that veterinary medicine is still a business at the end of the day. In order for a business to succeed, it still needs to make a profit. Even if your vet operates from a non-profit facility, there are still expenses to cover and pay for to keep the business up and running.

But the jump scares don’t end there.

Tale 1: The horrors of a declined card

When your pet is in the ER, the last thing on your mind will be the cost. You will want your vet to do what they can to help your furbaby. In fact, a lot of pet parents find themselves in this scenario . You will do whatever it takes…even incur medical debt.

Remember how we had said earlier those vets don’t come cheap? Well, the average household cannot afford most vet bills without the assistance of insurance.

The real horror happens when you now have to take out a loan specifically to cover the costs of your vet fees. And yes, this really does happen. In fact, medical debt is one of the number one forms of debt. So many vets will tell you of the heart-breaking scenarios where pet parents are forced to pay off a bill YEARS after their pet has already received care.

Tale 2: Economic euthanasia

The second scary tale is the one of economic euthanasia.

Economic euthanasia is when a pet has to be put down due to the pet owner not having access to the necessary funds needed for treatment.

For example: on a regular basis vets see pets that need to undergo major surgery to save their lives, but the cost of the surgery is a lot more money than the pet owners currently have. The issue here is that time isn’t on their side. The surgery needs to happen now, so they can forget about getting a big loan to cover the bills.

This is where the real tragedy happens.

You will then have to consider putting your pet down so that they no longer have to suffer the pain and you cannot afford treatment.

But the spooky season is about trick or treating and there definitely is a treat: it’s called Oneplan.


Our team will happily and easily come to your rescue in both of the above scenarios. Whether you’re in need or not, we’re always ready.

So what makes Oneplan the best? Well, we take care of your pet. When we say ‘we care’, we mean it.

Exclusive Oneplan perks

  1. You are paid BEFORE you go to the vet
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  5. You get to witness the easiest claims system ever.

Remember that you can avoid these scenarios with our team on your side. See us as your little sidekick. Our Oneplan team is ready to step in and help keep you from any of these spooky scenarios. Just tap here and you can get in contact with us! We’re ready when you are.

Yours in spook-free pet insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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