The worst advice that’s ever been given about pet insurance


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Worst Pet Advice

Living in the digital age definitely has its perks, one of which is instant access to information. On the flip side, there is a lot of terrible advice on there, too. Thankfully we know the difference between fact and fiction…and shortly, so will you.

Check your sources

As a major pet insurance company, we encounter a lot of myths circulating in the industry. More often than not pet parents come to us having heard false claims about pet insurance. The issue here is that for even a split second, they believe these myths. Worse off, they receive advice from people that do not actually understand pet insurance in its full capacity.

Thankfully, you have us.

We are here to debunk all of the bad advice that you have received. We are also here to remind you that if you want advice about pet insurance, you should get it from a reputable source.

While your advisers (friends, family, the internet) may have good intentions, they’re not necessarily the experts!

Knowing fact from fiction

The issue with receiving bad advice is that you don’t always know that it’s bad advice. Relying on incorrect information is a costly mistake to make. When you receive bad advice about pet insurance you are not only putting your pet’s life in jeopardy but your financial security.

The reality is that some of the worst advice given to pet parents plays out in one of two scenarios. The first is that they do not see the importance of pet insurance until it’s too late. The second one is that pet parents take out a pet policy but fail to make the most of it.

Regardless of which of these two scenarios you fall into, we’re here to help you make an informed decision that will change your (and your pets) life.

Examples of the worst pet insurance advice

All policies work the same way

Some people like to think that once you’ve read one pet policy, you’ve read them all. False!

Even if you are looking at policies within the same pet insurance company, all of them work differently. It is not only their pricing that is different. They all come with varying benefits, exclusions and co-payments. It is therefore essential that you read each and every policy and weigh your options. That way, when you sign you know that you have made an informed decision.

You should get pet insurance only when your pet is sick

It is easy to assume that it is cheaper on your wallet to only get pet insurance when your animal is sick. The idea with this thinking is that your insurance policy will cover all of the costs involved, so you don’t have to.

This unfortunately is terrible advice. It actually is cheaper to insure your pet from the moment they walk into your home (and your hearts). Pet insurers actually have a waiting period where you will be expected to wait a certain amount of time before your coverage kicks in. Worse off, if you discover that your pet has a pre-existing disease, that illness will not be covered by your insurance policy!

Wellness and routine cover are always included

We cannot even begin to explain how often we hear pet owners claim that this benefit is included in every pet policy. Well, one quick Google search will prove that this is not true. The issue is that this bad advice usually results in pet parents signing off on a policy that they assume includes wellness and routine cover.

Not to brag or anything, but we would just like to mention that Oneplan is one of the very few pet insurers that include this benefit! So, keep that in mind when you’re searching for your ideal insurer.

The more affordable the policy, the better

Look, we can see why you would think this. At first glance, having a smaller amount debited from your bank account is tempting. However, choosing a cheaper option ends up being more expensive in the long run. Choosing a more affordable option means that you have fewer benefits, which ultimately means covering more aspects of your pet’s health out of pocket. And trust us when we say that this starts to add up!

Make sure you don’t choose a health insurance plan based on price alone! The more comprehensive your policy, the more care and financial support you will receive.

Remember that if you ever need advice about pet insurance, make sure to get it from someone that knows what they’re talking about – like us!


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