The number one New Year’s Resolution that should be on your list


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New Year’s Resolution

We love how the start of a new year offers us a unique opportunity to make new health commitments. And after the year we just had – we could all do with a clean slate. But before you go jotting down your resolutions, we have one that deserves the top spot: health insurance

As soon as the clock strikes midnight and we officially watch the numbers 2021 appear on our phones, many of us celebrate with a good old New Year's resolution list! And with 364 more days ahead of us – the future seems bright.

That’s the power of the new year. It’s a prime opportunity for all of us to reset, reevaluate and reignite our sense of drive! The start of the new year is often when we begin planning out all the activities that will be beneficial to your wellbeing.

So, in the spirit of the new year, we thought we’d help you out with your new year’s resolutions. But this isn’t just another generic copy-and-paste ‘New Year’s resolution’ blog! Oh no. You’re on OUR website which means that you’re a little quirky and keen on taking a different approach to life – and we love it!

We’ve decided to make our New Year’s resolutions more health-centric which is why we’ll be following some doctor-approved goals this year. Ready to join us?

Prioritising your health

Look, if we’re being honest when it comes to health-related New Year's resolutions, we’ve all made them. And we’ve also all broken them. How many times have we said cheers to a healthier year and given up a few months in? Probably more than you can count! But we aren’t trying to reprimand you – instead, we want to tell you about the easiest health-related new years resolution EVER.

But let’s leave that cliff-hanger for the next heading.

We just quickly want to remind you of how important your health is. In fact, it’s your greatest commodity which is why you should always be investing in it. Remember that it is never too late to start focusing on your health and wellbeing. Especially after the year that we just had.

The global pandemic was a rather harsh reminder of how we take our health for granted. All of a sudden, we’re being reminded to cover our mouths when we cough and to wash our hands regularly. And here’s the scary thing: We have already been doing these things. See COVID-19 has been a painful reality check that even when it comes to the smaller (easier) health measures – we still fail.

Which is why we’re taking a different approach this year! Instead of setting unrealistic goals, be gentle and patient with yourself. It’s tempting to go above and beyond when it comes to your list, but take a breath! Because even with the “gym 3 times a week” and “eat better” resolutions, your wellness journey is missing one crucial element.

Let’s find out what it is!

The ultimate new year’s resolution

If your current list doesn’t have ‘get health insurance’ on it then we suggest you do so now. Or at least once you’ve finished reading this blog!

To put it simply it is not only the most holistic approach to health and wellness but it’s what your doctor wants too! That’s right – if your doctor could write up your New Year's resolutions list, we’re pretty sure we’d feature. And for good reason too! Starting a healthy lifestyle starts with preventative care. And what better way to secure this than with comprehensive medical insurance?

If you are familiar with our brand, you know that we don’t just make sweeping declarations here! Health insurance is a new years-must! And we’ve got all the proof you’ll ever need.

Perks of having medical insurance in the new year

Perk 1: Cash in your pocket when you need it most

Who doesn’t like the idea of having extra money in the bank?

The reality is that extensive medical care doesn’t come cheap. In fact, healthcare is one of the top causes of crippling debt! With the exorbitant prices and out-of-pocket expenses associated with local medical services, it’s easy to see how the bills wrack up.

But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Start the new year with a heavier wallet, knowing that in the event that you need to seek professional medical care – you can! Regardless of your financial situation, you can always access a doctor.

So how do we pull this off? With our exclusive Onecard. Make sure to tap the link to find out all about this amazing New Years necessity!

Perk 2: Access to private healthcare

Healthcare is a basic human need, so you deserve the very best when it comes to your health. And that’s exactly what we guarantee here at Oneplan. We ensure that you are given direct access to the best in the business because we don’t believe that your tight budget should keep you from private facilities! So, in the event that you are injured, you can see whomever you want!

Perk 3: The greatest form of preventative care

Health insurance covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining your health and treating preventable illness and accidents. This kind of care includes a wide range of medical attention from annual physical exams to blood tests and dental and eye care. This means that your preventive actions can save you from significant costs that are associated with specialised and advanced medical care.

So you’ve seen the facts and seen the research. Now it’s up to you. Are you ready to prioritise your health this year? Prove it to yourself by tapping here. You won’t regret it.


Yours in affordable health insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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