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saving money as a pet-parent

When it comes to your drooly (but beloved) Bruno, how on earth can you stop the credit card bill ringing up when there are chew toys to buy, food and nutrition to think about and most importantly, vet bills to pay for? You may be pleased to know it isn’t as difficult as you thought.

It’s a new year and you know what that means: new budgeting goals and improved methods of saving! Fist bump! Yes? No? Alright, in case you’re a little tired of the budgeting research and compiling lists of where and how to cut down, we’ve got you covered on how to easily save money when it comes to your pet.

Keep an eye on that belly (and give it a rub)

Overfeeding is a huge health risk to your pets. Giving your cat too much food and your dog one too many treats after dinner isn’t actually being as kind as you think. They don’t know better than to eat what’s in front of them, even if they’re full.

An overweight pet is more likely to be diagnosed with an expensive and unfortunate illness like diabetes, cancer and hypertension.

Regular visits to the vet (and maybe even one of your choice)

Prevention is the best medicine, so they say.

Nobody ever sees a bad thing coming, but people who check their pet’s health regularly are likely to have more time to react when something changes. Getting a grip on health complications early on can save you tens of thousands of rands. Early diagnoses will save you money and make the road back to health for your pet far easier.

To make regular vet visits easy and affordable, Oneplan pays you before you visit the vet and lets you see any vet of your choice because we know the struggle of finding the perfect fit.

Go for walks

And that includes you! A healthy pet is, usually, a less expensive pet in the long run. Make sure you get your dog’s heartbeat beating vigorously at least once a day - plus it really isn’t such a chore to see your pet excited and bounding about.

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Four-legged friendly zones

This should be done before you even bring your pet home for the first time

  • Make sure that your home is safe for your pet, both inside and out.
  • Ensure the parameter is secure and that they won’t escape (especially in big storms or during fireworks)
  • Keep wires and heavy objects out of their reach
  • Keep toxic foods and chemicals out of reach

Get Pet Insurance

We could have (and should have because it’s really important) put this first and foremost, but we thought we’d slip it in naturally.

Pet Insurance will always save you money - even if you only claim once throughout your pets life. That one claim could be the difference between being able to pay for an emergency illness or accident through your insurance or having to pay out of your own finances. We know which one we would choose.

(Top tip: unless you have a hairless cat or short-haired dog AND you also live in the freezing cold, your pet doesn’t need any fancy clothes besides their fur!)

What we offer

Pet insurance that is tail-o-made to your lifestyle and the life of your four-legged companion (or three-legged, we’ve still got them covered!). We have incredibly comprehensive routine care benefits, and with our routine care plus benefit, you can add on routine care to your policy, to make it just the right fit for you and your furry family members. Having a Hospital Plan (from R139 per month) in place for your pet will save you money should your pet need an emergency hospital stay and this includes both accidents and illnesses. Our Pet Classic Plan (from R269) covers you up to the amount of R40 000 because yes, vet bills really do get that high.

Please note that prices are accurate at the time of blog publishing. To see our most up to date prices, go here.

Make your own treats

Okay, so this is a little fun way to save cash whilst still making sure your pet gets the treats she deserves! Making dog treats can be cheap, full of nutrients and you get to skip out on all the preservatives.

We found a great recipe for easy, cheap, and crunchy Beef "Bones" on Pet Helpful where all you’ll need is:

  • 500 grams ground beef
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 3 cups whole wheat or all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup of water

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Get in touch

When it comes to finding the perfect balance between your pets wellbeing and the wellbeing of your bank account, our insurance policies are always comprehensive and always fitted for you and your pets. Get a live quote here or chat with one of our agents.


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