Tighten your seatbelts & batten down the hatches: Car & home insurance designed with your budget in mind


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Insurance designed with your budget

Nobody ever said that January was the month of easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. For most, we find our January to be the month of difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult. For when you start to feel out of control of your money, find peace of mind in an insurer that values constant change and adjustments to your home and vehicle policies (that’s us, Oneplan, by the way.)

There are things that you can control and there are things you have to ease the reins on. You can control how well you nourish your body or how you choose to spend your spare time. You can choose to tell your personal trainer what you really think of his new neck tattoo and you can choose to always have really good music playing in your ears. You may not have much choice in the matter of a hijacking, a freak tornado or the state of the global economy.

In the midst of the things you can and can’t control, we at Oneplan are so excited to be able to offer you comprehensive, adjustable insurance that fits right into wherever you need it to. Our team knows that life changes and that you need insurance policies that grow and change as you and your family do.

Who are we?

We are Oneplan Insurance and our goal is to always provide you with simple, accessible, hassle-free insurance. Everything that we do we do with your convenience in mind because we believe that comprehensive insurance should be available to everybody, regardless of what you can afford month to month. We offer a unique set of options that make our insurance like no other:

  1. Total control over what you insure and for how much.
  2. Pause your cover - Insurance you can turn on and off when you want it from the palm of your hand using the smart and simple Oneplan App.
  3. Zero paperwork, Zero hassle.
  4. Manage your premium from the palm of your hand and get instant access to your cover details and policy information.
  5. Chat to an expert through the Oneplan App - which means that no question is left unanswered! Plus, we love to make friends. So ask away!

Who are you?

Now that you’ve listened to us, let’s talk about you! At Oneplan we pride ourselves on being able to know our customers and what your needs are. In the same breath, we couldn't claim to know the ins and outs of your life, which is why we advocate so strongly for flexible car and home insurance.

Our insurance is designed around the fact that you are an individual with changing needs and plans, and your insurance should be something that moves effortlessly with you and not against you. We offer insurance that can grow with you from being a student terrified of the word “premium” to the you that is moving into their first home with a baby on the way, we have something to offer you at every stage!

Why do you need us? (Oneplan, that is)

Vehicle and home insurance are pretty much no brainers: if you can’t afford car insurance, don’t have a car. The same goes for the house. Some people panic when money is running dry and think that insurance should get the axe first - but drop the blunt and dangerous object and consider with us why that wouldn’t be such a great idea:

An accident without insurance will be more expensive than an accident with insurance every time. Every time.

If you are worried your finances can’t stretch to meet your insurance premiums, we regret to inform you that they will stretch even less in the event of an expensive house or vehicle accident.

How Oneplan insurance works

Our insurance was developed with you in mind. Don’t look over your shoulder! Wena! We mean you! For when you need a little more cash flow for your inspired new venture or for when you need to have more food on the table that month, you can adjust what you are paying towards your premium (monthly payments) from the ease of opening our Oneplan App and adjusting your coverage.

What does this mean? You don’t have to choose between having insurance and not having insurance if you can’t afford your full coverage after a particularly tough month. We believe that everybody deserves to have peace of mind even when you’re pulling your bootstraps a little tighter from time to time, because who isn’t?


Yours in adaptable insurance,


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