The Value Of Pet Insurance: From Peace Of Mind To Financial Aid


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The Value Of Pet Insurance

Instead of focusing on finances, pet insurance lets you focus your attention on loving and caring for your furry member of the family. But the benefits and value of this form of medical insurance don’t end there...

Pets are a part of your family. You are not so much a pet owner, but rather a pet parent. Seeing as pets are a vital part of your family’s dynamic, it makes sense that you want to protect their health and wellbeing. This is why pet medical insurance was created.

This form of healthcare cover can give you the peace of mind you need in order to relax and know that your pet’s health is in the best hands when they need medical attention. Instead of focusing on finances, you can devote your attention to your furry member of the family.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

You take your pet on vacation with you (related read: Keeping Your Pets Healthy & Happy On Holiday), your share walks in the park together, memories and unconditional love. Which is why you want to make sure you are able to care for your pets, even in financially difficult times.

The value of pet insurance for your pet’s health

You are prepared for the unexpected

Your Oneplan Pet Insurance policy will help protect you from the unexpected and often unaffordable costs of emergency veterinary care.

When you budget for the lifetime costs of pet ownership, you are able to factor in the costs of routine healthcare costs such as vet visits, vaccinations and check-ups.

Accidents and illnesses are the things you can’t predict and things that can cost a pretty penny. An X-ray alone can set you back R2000 to R3000. And these are just the costs of diagnostic tests, surgery alone can quickly skyrocket upwards of R10 000.

And whilst you might have the financial means to afford these costs, there is no denying that having some form of financial cover in place would help a great deal in easing some of the stress of emergency pet healthcare situations.

You are prepared for the expected

Whilst unexpected healthcare costs for our pets are incredibly expensive, routine healthcare costs and vet visits can also start to quickly add up.

We created some of our pet health insurance plans to include not only accident and hospital cover, but preventive care costs too. Scripted medication, vaccinations, check-ups and more are included in our wide range of benefits.

Fronted with cash before you see your vet

At Oneplan, what makes us different to other insurers is that we front you with the cash you need before you visit the vet. This is all thanks to our smart claims system and Onecard.

Simply log into the Oneplan app, preload your claim and we will preload your Onecard with the funds needed for your vet visit.

Instant access to a Oneplan team member

Thanks to our smart Oneplan App, you can instantly chat with a team member through the in-app chat function.

The Oneplan Quality Difference

Whether you are a first-time pet parent or have owned pets your whole life, we want to help prepare you for the costs of pet healthcare. Things can go wrong and we don’t want you to have to make uncomfortable decisions based on your personal finances.

We designed our pet insurance to help save you from both the expected (routine care and vet visits) and unexpected costs that are nearly impossible to prepare yourself for.

You can go to any licenced vet in South Africa. And we pay you before you see the vet. If you want to know anything more about our cover, you can pop us a message through our smart Oneplan app.

We care about your pets and we want to be there for you and your furry member of the family. Life is complicated, insurance shouldn’t be. Which is why we created our insurance to be hassle-free and simple.

We break down the legal lingo and fancy terms to bring you insurance that is honest and upfront.

Here are some of the factors that make our pet medical insurance cuddle-worthy:

  1. Get paid before you see the vet
  2. Go to any licenced vet in South Africa of your choice
  3. Range of emergency healthcare benefits
  4. Range of routine healthcare benefits
  5. Cover for scripted medication and vet visits
  6. Cover for pre-existing conditions
  7. Kennel cover when something happens to you
  8. Multiple pet discount
  9. Instant chat function through the Oneplan App

The value of pet insurance is important for the life of your furry family member. It allows you to have the ability to seek expert medical care for your pet and not have to worry about the financial limitations for your pet’s healthcare needs.

Yours in quality pet insurance,


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