Top 5 dog parks we are paw’sitive you (and your dog) will love


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Top 5 dog parks

In need for something fun, affordable and entertaining to do for the entire family (including your four-legged members)? Then grab the dog leashes because we’ve got our top dog park picks for all of you Joburgers and doggos to dig into!

The truth is that lockdown level 2 has definitely allowed for a little more movement. And while we’ve all been heading out to our nearest hiking trail and socially distant food markets, it can be easy to forget that toys little pooch wants to get out too! Remember while we were all growing tired of looking at the same four walls - so were they! They deserve to roam freely and run on grass that isn’t just in your garden.

So to help you out, we thought we’d give you our personal list of the top dog parks to take your dogs to in Johannesburg! What’s better is that these parks also have a few shaded areas so all the humans can relax in the shade while the doggos go wild. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

Okay, but before we get into the tail-wagging fun, please do remember to adhere to park social distancing regulations! That means packing your sanitizer, wearing a mask and keeping a respectable distance from others at the park, okay? We may be allowed to go outside but that doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over! So be a responsible citizen and simply follow health and safety regulations!

Alright, back to the dog parks, shall we?

Time for some off-the-leash fun

Walkhaven Dog Park

The title of this specific park basically tells you all you really need to know. This park is perfect for the pooches! With open grasslands for running and sniffing, ponds for a mid-day dog dip and a dog-friendly restaurant (that even has a bar!) it’s the perfect location for a fun family day out!

Just a little heads up that this place is meant for your furry friend so they get in for free. You? Not so much! But it’s a small fee so don’t panic! Do it for your dog!

They also have great picnic and braai facilities strategically placed throughout the park where you can kick back, relax and get all the dog footage your social media pages need! 

Huddle Park in Linksfield

If you and your four-legged hiking buddy have pretty much seen, done and smelled the vast majority of your local park options, then we suggest perking up those ears because the Huddle Park in Linksfield is the perfect place for you. Offering your dog plenty of room to run, chase a ball or just sniff around happily, this location is ideal for the more active dog that enjoys a good challenge. Huddle Park also has a great 10km trail for you and the doggo to get those heart rates up!

And to top off the day, the Park has a little dog-friendly restaurant where you and your furry buddy can enjoy a little break! They also have water bowls that are available for your four-legged friends too!

Emmarentia Dam

This Greenside-based park actually forms part of the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens which means you will have all of the greenery you could ever dream of ... and with Spring finally here you are definitely in for a treat! 

Located 6kms outside of Johannesburg, this park allows you to feel like you’re (slightly) escaping city chaos and retreating to some much-need time in nature! Besides, the dogs will love the extra time they’ll have wagging their tongues from the backseat window!

This popular spot has a lot of space too! So your dog has free reign to run around and explore, learn new tricks and offers you a little downtime where they frolic in the water! But the fun doesn’t end there. Emmarentia allows all dog-owners to also bring a little picnic along for you to enjoy some light refreshments or you can simply head over to their cafe and stock up on some delicious goodies and snacks!

The Wilds

If you are looking for both fun and aesthetics then look no further than The Wilds. This place truly is worth all of the hype that it receives and not just for humans but man's best friend too! This national monument sits right in the middle of the city and has been referred to as Joburg’s “secret garden”. Grab the dog treats and take your pet pooch on one of the popular hiking trails where you’ll get to explore the grounds. And with 18ha of ground to work with we can guarantee that this is the perfect location for some fun in the sun.

The Lonehill Koppies

Let your furry friend sink their teeth into this next location that is sure to be a favourite. The Lonehill Koppies are a definite hidden gem as it doesn’t only offer you great scenery but some awesome lake-side fun.

This outdoorsy hiking spot promises lots of space and rocks for you and your canine friend to explore. It’s also a great location for you to meet new like-minded friends... from a safe distance obviously! The sights are also certainly well worth seeing, and your dear dog will appreciate the little safari adventure.

Keeping your pet’tiquette in check

Taking your pup out for a little kid-day adventure is exciting for the entire family but that doesn’t mean we should forget about key pettiquette when heading to a public dog park. So keep these tips in mind when heading out:

1. Only go off-leash in a designated area!

Even if your dog is well trained (which we’re sure they are) or well socialised, with all the new stimuli, they can get excited and a little disobedient! So keep the free-roaming to appropriate areas so that everyone isn’t just having fun but is safe at all times too!

2. Bring a bag for poop!

No one likes the idea of having to bring bags specifically for your dog’s faeces but it’s common courtesy to pick up after your dog! This will help keep the park nice and clean for everyone else. Besides, there are plenty of bins scattered around at all of these parks so you’ll be able to toss the bag out in minutes!

3. Secure your dog insurance!

As you all know accidents do happen, so it’s best to keep necessary measures in place that keep your pooch safe whenever they leave the safety of your home. How do you do that? With comprehensive Oneplan Pet Insurance!

This will ensure that they can swim, run and sniff their way through their next adventure with a team of insurers that will ensure that they have immediate access to their favourite vet. What’s better is that they don’t have to deal with the guilt of knowing that their humans had to foot the bill because it’s on the Oneplan team!

Whether your garden is getting a little boring, you’re looking to (safely) explore your city or just need a little adrenaline rush we’re sure that these parks will have both you and your doggo wagging with joy.

Yours in affordable pet insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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