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Oneplan Health Insurance

Knowing that you deserve holistic health care is the easy part. Finding comprehensive cover that doesn’t break the bank is where things get a little difficult. Until now - thanks to our affordable and comprehensive Blue Plan.

At Oneplan we don’t think having a smaller budget should keep you from receiving adequate medical help. In fact, it goes against our very principles. We truly believe that while access to private health services isn’t exactly cheap they shouldn’t have you risking your health and well-being because you can’t afford it.

So that worry and financial stress end today - if not now - as we introduce you to our budget-friendly comprehensive Blue Plan.

Ready to invest in your health?

A Quick Little Rundown

Now our Blue Plan isn’t just another run of the mill hospital plan. See, it’s a lot more benefit-driven than that! This specific plan, that’s just above our exclusive Core Plan, is essentially your golden ticket to exceptional routine cover, doctors’ visits and so much more (don’t worry we won’t keep you hanging for too long - we’ll get to explaining the benefits in a second)!

See this plan is a more affordable alternative to medical aid. This is a policy that won’t cripple your bank account, leave you hanging when you need it most or come with additional hidden costs. We are completely transparent! In fact, we let you run your own policy so you know exactly what you’re getting at all times.

Oh, and did we mention that you have the power to change it whenever you need? You are in charge of your own coverage, and if we’re being honest,  we genuinely wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Let’s talk benefits!

Incredible hospital access & benefits

This pandemic certainly has many people calculating their worst-case health scenarios  (it’s almost like a symptom of this virus). Well here is your moment to exhale and put the horror stories at bay as our Blue Plan swoops to the rescue. This plan doesn’t just grant you access to hospitals but ANY private hospital you want to attend. Yes, there’s no “approved list” that you have to stick to. You can go wherever you feel most comfortable!

Oh but the perks don’t end there!

In the event that you have to go to hospital, you are able to tap into all of our fantastic benefits that ensure that your hospital experience is completely catered to. And here’s how we do it:

 1. Casualty illness

This refers to emergency treatments for illnesses that do not require overnight hospital stays. The term casualty, in this scenario, refers to the emergency department in a hospital! Under the Blue Plan, you’ll be covered for up to R5 000 for life-threatening emergencies in casualty units!

2. Accident cover

Opting for our Blue Plan means that you are covered for up to R205 000 per insured event and up to R410 000 per family per event.

3. Family death cover

We hope these things never happen, but in the unfortunate event that it does, we cover the main member for R10 000, your partner for R10 000, children between 14 and 21 for R10 000, children between 6 and 13 for R5 000, children between 1 and 5 for R2 500 and unborn children for R1 250.

4. Ambulance and Emergency Services

24 hr Medical assistance with an emergency dedicated line. In the event of a justifiable, life-threatening medical emergency, the insured will be transported by ambulance to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

Comprehensive day to day/routine cover perks

  1. Doctor visits - You will be covered for up to R375 per visit to your doctor.
  2. Scripted medication - We also cover you for up to R170 per script. 
  3. Blood tests - We cover up to R450 per event.
  4. X-rays - We cover for up to R450 per event.
  5. Dentist visits - We cover up to R615 per visit with a maximum of 3 visits a year.
  6. Pregnancy - We cover maternity care for up to R590 per visit and allow for 3 visits per pregnancy.
  7. Optometrist - Up to R1100 - Limited to claim this every 24 months per dependant.

Head’s up, these prices change annually, to ensure you are up to date on our latest pricing structure, please click here.

Get fronted with cash before you see the doctor

This is probably one of our favourite benefits as we understand that sometimes you just don’t have the money to see a doctor immediately.

Until now.

At Oneplan we don’t believe that people shouldn’t be able to see professional medical practitioners because they can’t afford it. Which is why our team has created our exclusive Onecard that is couriered to each and every member of our Oneplan family!

So what does this card do?

Well, it gives you absolute peace of mind like never before.

Gone are the days of risking your health because you weren’t able to afford medical care. Your health is our top priority and this is how we prove it to you! The truth is that this pandemic may have your financials in flux but the one thing that will stay stable is your access to exceptional medical assistance because our Onecard essentially works as your own medical debit card. That’s right! Our team will load funds onto your card so that you’re fronted with enough cash to see any medical practitioner of your choice! 

To put it simply: You will use this card to swipe at your doctor’s office just like you would a normal debit card.

We think it’s time that you make your health a priority. Because we already have!

Yours in affordable health insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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