What cat insurance looks like with Oneplan


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What Cat Insurance looks like with Oneplan

We dig into the facts on pet insurance, the benefits of having it for your cat plus how we make insurance cuddle-worthy (seriously, it’s pawsome)

Here’s the great thing when it comes to pet insurance, well actually, a few great things -  not only does pet insurance help save you from surprise costs associated with emergency pet healthcare (have you ever experienced the shock and horror of these vet bills?), but it also helps your pet to receive the expert care she needs when she needs it most.

The reasons for pet insurance

Pet insurance takes away the stress of having to dip into your credit card or take out a loan to afford vet bills. It not only gives you the peace of mind you need, but it can also encourage you to better look after your pet’s health in terms of wellness care and routine healthcare benefits (which a number of our pet insurance plans are equipped with).

The question of whether or not pet insurance makes financial sense should, in actual fact, never have to be asked. Because as any pet parent with an active pet insurance policy knows, pet healthcare cover can not only be affordable, but it will save you from the anxiety (both emotionally and financially) of having to look after a sick pet. It’s as simple as that.

What happens when you don’t have pet insurance

The cost of not having pet insurance can be terrifying. And we are not just saying all of this to try and instil fear in you. Not at all. We are just speaking from experience. The feedback we get from clients when it comes to not only expensive claims we pay out, but vet visits and day-to-day care too, is that they are eternally grateful that they made the decision to purchase a pet healthcare policy as it helped cushion what could have been an incredibly expensive blow.

And what’s more, when you know you are covered for vet visits and wellness care, you’re more likely to book Bruno or Whiskers in for their annual check-up or get their vaccinations in check knowing your expenses are covered.

But enough about why pet insurance is essential, let’s dig into what pet insurance for your cat looks like with Oneplan…

Pet insurance for cats - is it worth it?

The truth is, you never know when things might go wrong. But you can plan for when they do. What we are trying to say here is that your gorgeously healthy cat Whiskers might be in her prime right now, but what happens when she gets in a fight in the neighbourhood stray? What happens when she gets sick? Or she develops a cancerous lump?

Obviously, we hope that these things never happen. But what’s more, we never want to see you forced into opting for euthanasia as a result of not being able to afford the vet bills to treat your precious furbaby.

And not to be grim, but these situations happen to pet parents every single day. And although cats are less of an insurance risk compared to their canine counterpart, they still run the risk of illnesses and accidents.

Which is why it makes sense to insure the health of your cat as soon as possible.

What if my cat is too old?

Now, a common question we are asked is “what if my cat is too old for pet insurance?”. And that’s a valid question. The thing is, older pets are more likely to fall ill or hurt themselves. The same way that older humans are. Which is why insuring the health of an older pet is seen as a riskier thing to do. Which is why most pet insurance plans have an age limit that applies. This age limit here at Oneplan is nine years - Pets must be older than 8 weeks and younger than 9 years to be insured. The great thing about insuring your pet before this cut off age is that they are then covered for life. Which means we get to grow old together.

Of course, if your cat is older than 9 years of age, you can choose our Pet Accident Plan for only R60 a month. This plan does not have any age limits that apply.

We already mentioned that cats are seen as low risk compared to dogs. Which is why we designed the pricing of our plans to reflect this...

Our Pet Hospital Plan costs R140 for a cat and R155 for a dog.

Our Pet Classic Plan costs R278 for a cat and R299 for a dog.

Our Pet Super Plan costs R410 for a cat and R430 for a dog.

**Please note that these prices are reflective of the day this article was written. For updated prices click here.

Why Oneplan?

  1. We front you with cash before you see the vet
  2. We give you the freedom to go to ANY vet of your choice
  3. We have a range of pet healthcare plans for you to choose from
  4. We include vet visits and routine care in most of our plans
  5. Our add-on products like our Excess Buster and Routine Care Plus allow you to boost up your plan for more cover and more benefits

If you’ve got any more questions, our pet insurance family are ready and waiting to hear them.

Yours in quality pet insurance you can afford,


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