Coming to the party: An all-access invite into Third Party Car Insurance with Oneplan


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Coming to the party

You’re only human and so are we, which is why we empathise with the fact that, well, sometimes it’s not the other guy’s fault. Sometimes it’s yours and that’s okay because we all make mistakes. When those mistakes are expensive, though? That’s when you’d prefer to be insured. And better yet, be insured with comprehensive cover.

So, welcome! Thank you for showing up and we hope you enjoy getting the lowdown on third party liability cover. Here, we’re going to be getting into the importance of comprehensive third party insurance and why you should absolutely prioritise making sure you are covered and secure in the times that you slip up - because that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

It’s totally cool if you’re a little uncertain on what third party insurance is - it’s one of those simple terms that make sense when you break it down but on initial contact perhaps a little daunting.

Here’s all it is:

Third party liability cover is specifically for the rainy day that you happen to cause damage to somebody else’s property - it means that the financial and personal responsibility of the damage cause falls on the shoulders of the insurer and not on yourself. It is an effective way to make sure that you are well protected and equipped legally, ethically and financially. If you’re keen on reading up more about the lingo and jargon surrounding car insurance, this will be a helpful read!

Who’s on the Guest List?

Three parties are involved and here’s where they fit in:

  1. You (in a party context you’re the guy who spilt red wine on the Persian rug)
  2. The Insurer (This is us - your level headed and well-versed peer ready to mediate the incident))
  3. The third party (Owner of the merlot stained Persian rug and essentially anybody who isn’t you and who isn’t your insurer)

Bearing in mind, it isn’t always incidents with strangers that require third party coverage but perhaps an unfortunate accident with your nephew who borrowed the car with your consent to move a couch over to his new place. Keeping people covered and well cared for in the case of these happenings is what’s important whether we know them or not. Our goal is to make sure that everybody involved exits feeling satisfied and compensated, leaving no room for any miscommunications and personal agendas.

Why RSVP Yes?

We Can Keep Up

Sounds like a pretty great way to own up to your mistakes right?


Do you know what’s also pretty great? The way we do third party liability coverage at Oneplan.

Our cover is as comprehensive and 100% flexible as it is because of our commitment to providing insurance that changes as your life changes. This means that on top of your coverage that involves a multitude of things beyond your control such as hijacking, fire, theft and accident we also believe in supporting you when you’re on the other side of the damage with up to R2.5 million third party liability cover - yeah, that’s a pretty big number.

Everybody Can Afford A Ticket

How much you pay for car insurance is up to you: we work on a sliding scale that ranges from 30% to 95% coverage on your vehicle. It’s completely up to you how much you want to be insured for, and you change it whenever your heart desires with the slide of your dominant thumb on the screen of your smartphone.

The same ease applies for when you want a vehicle insured - snap a picture and use your Oneplan App to get your vehicle locked and loaded on the system! All that needs to be shown in the pictures is your:

1. registration plates

2. VIN number that can be found on the windscreen license disk or engine

3. the front, back, right and left side of the car

4. full license disc

5. open bonnet (Engine Compartment)

Remember that when it comes to third party liability coverage it isn’t about the monetary value of the things you own. It is about the value of the property of the person who has been inconvenienced. This means that even if you have a car worth very little, you could be liable to pay for the damage car-of-little-value did to car-of-very-great-value.


So please don’t skip on car insurance because of an old car - you deserve exceptional coverage regardless of the model and make of your vehicle.

It’s a Win, Win, Win

When something bad happens, it is in our nature to want the best outcome for everybody involved. We want you to feel that you have done your part and contributed fairly to the situation and we want the third party to be safe and sound. Thirdly, we really want to do a good job which is a win for us any day.

After the incident, once you have provided the third party with your Oneplan insurance details, we take over and all interactions are done between ourselves and the third party (uploading your pictures of the scene directly onto the Oneplan App means seriously quick insurance and a seriously cool bonus of your R2,5000 administrative excess being waived).  This means that we will ensure all parties benefit fairly from an unfortunate situation.

Let us help you put your best foot forward when times are tough, it would be our pleasure.

Yours in Instant Insurance,


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