Why you should seriously consider insuring your home


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you should seriously consider insuring your home

It is human nature to protect the things that we love … which is why we get the kids to wear knee guards or insist on getting the car checked when it starts making a funny noise. We’re built to protect. But what about protecting our biggest purchases yet - our homes? 

Okay while our team of insurers may revel at the mere thought of home insurance, we know that convenience is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you see the words ‘home insurance’. In fact, it’s probably because of the skewed public perception that you’ve probably avoided getting it, right?

But our short-term insurance is so much more than the terrifying pile of paperwork, policies and ridiculous words like ‘deductibles’ that are probably circling your mind. This is home insurance like you’ve never seen before. 

So give us 12 minutes of your time - we’ve got a couple of important things to share with you, Mostly why it’s FINALLY time for you to get home insurance.

Let the clock start now.

Your home’s more valuable than you think

This isn’t exactly news to you. You already know that your home is incredibly valuable. Especially when you think about all of your home contents! From all your favoured home furniture to the family heirlooms and kids artworks - you’ve got some important stuff in your home.

This makes it easy to see that your home is definitely more than a couple of walls held together by a roof. It is your personal retreat! So how do you ensure that all of these belongings and valuables are kept safe? You protect your home with comprehensive home insurance.

What is home insurance?

Alright, before we get into the nitty-gritty (read as: why your home seriously needs to be insured), we just want to make sure that we are all on the same page. So let’s define home insurance first.

The goal of home insurance is to allow our team to take on the financial burdens of any losses or damage that happens to your home in the future. In order to gain access to this coverage, you are expected to pay a monthly premium! It really is as simple as that!

Who needs it?

So you know what home insurance is, but the real question is whether you REALLY need it? Now we could bore you with a lengthy explanation, but we’re going to give you a little scenario instead.

Imagine this: the household geyser bursts and creates damage to both your walls and floorboards. Nevermind the furniture that gets soaked in the process. You are now responsible for paying for the plumber to come out, the repairs of the wall and floors and the replacement of all the damaged furniture.

But what if you only had to fork out a portion of the costs involved? What if you could lean on our team during this unfortunate event, where we help you take cover from the financial storm? See, this scenario doesn’t have to look so grim because you’ve got the Oneplan team on your side meaning we’ll help you cover the risks involved. 

It really is the easiest way to save money around the house!

So to answer the question: EVERYONE. Every single person should be insuring their home. Home insurance isn’t just a want. It’s a necessity!

How do I ensure that I do not underinsure my home?

Now that you’re looking to avoid the above-mentioned situation (smart choice) let’s quickly cover one last thing: underinsurance. It is all good and well to insure your home but rather counterproductive if your home is underinsured.

What is an underinsured home?

Again, here is a quick intermission to ensure that we are all still on the same page. If your home is underinsured it means that the insured value of the items in your home are less than their replacement value. So what does this mean for you (and your credit card)? Well, in the event of loss or damage to your home, we will only pay out what you are covered for. This is because we would have been given an inaccurate value of your home.

Basically you will be expected to cover the shortfall between your coverage amount and the replacement value - out of pocket! And as a little heads-up: the amount is rather staggering!

Meet your new home insurance companion

Are you a fan of a happy ending? Well, we’ve got one for you and it’s three simple words: Oneplan Home Insurance.

As you know, we’ve never liked following the status quo. In our opinion, there is only one way to do insurance and it’s the Oneplan way. This means that you always remain at the centre of everything that we do. But we aren’t just in the business of simply saying things, we’d rather just show you how we are allowing you to be at the forefront of your own home insurance policy!

Flexible home insurance

Unlike most home insurance policies that lock you into a fixed monthly premium, we’re choosing to do things a little differently. With Oneplan we have created our own exclusive system just for YOU. Yes, you. We gathered our entire team together to create our incredible Sliding Scale.

Our smart and flexible insurance slider allows you to choose your desired percentage of cover. And no, you didn’t misread that. You actually get to decide how much you want to pay for. We will then send you a personalised quote with your premium that is then based on your selected value. 

What’s better is that you can adjust your cover whenever you need to. Your details will already be logged into our system so you can easily move the slider up and down until you are happy with both your insurance needs and budget!

Let’s see the sliding scale in action

Let’s say you choose 95% cover for your household insurance and you submit a claim for R100 000, we will pay 95% of your approved claim. So we will pay R95 000 of the R100 000 approved claim, it’s really that easy.

See, insurance isn’t as intimidating as you thought, right? 

Granting you peace of mind may sound slightly corny but keeping your home comprehensively covered means that you will be able to sleep with ease knowing that you have an insurance companion that is always ready to protect you and all of the things that you love most in the world.

Yours in simple home insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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