Oneplan pet insurance: Is there a network of vets for me to choose from?


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Is there a network

Nope. How great is that? That means that you have the freedom to go to ANY vet of your choice. Meaning you and Milo or Mittens can keep your vet and don’t have to choose a new one when you sign up with us.

Is there anything more sacred than the bond between a pet and the vet? Well, maybe that’s being a little dramatic. But the point we are trying to get across is that we understand the trials and tribulations you and your pets may have gone through to find the perfect vet - a vet that Mittens or Milo don’t bark at or try to bite, and one that makes you and your furry members of the family feel comfortable and trusting in their expertise and abilities.

The health of your pet is not something we take lightly. In fact, it’s something we take very seriously when it comes to creating pet medical insurance that not only protects your pocket from expensive vet bills but gives your pet access to the best healthcare that he or she deserves.

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With us, you have the freedom to choose any vet you like!

Unlike other insurers, we don’t limit you to a specified network of vets.

We know the drill…

When you sign up with a new pet insurer you scan through your new policy wording document to find out what the terms and conditions are.

Well, we don’t do that.

As well as doing away with the legal lingo and complicated terms that no one understands (or likes), we don’t have a network of vets you are limited to.

Which means…


Our apologies - maybe the capital letters were a bit too much there, we just get pretty excited about giving our clients what they want.

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vets for me to choose

Here’s how it works

Let’s first define what a vet visit means according to our policy wording documents:

“Vet Visit” refers to consultations, medication, pathology, radiology and dentistry performed by a person who is registered with the SA Veterinary Council and who is able to provide veterinary treatment that is medically justifiable for an “Event” as defined in this policy in a veterinary facility/hospital. All treatment and procedures must meet the protocols as laid down by the South African Veterinary Association.

This means that you can’t go to your cousin who has always wanted to be a vet (but is not actually qualified to practice as one) and have her treat your precious Buster or have your uncle who is passionate about cats give Whisker’s a physical exam. Well, you can. But we don’t advise it. And you can’t claim for that.

You have to go to a vet who is registered with the SA Veterinary Council. Simple as that.

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How to claim for vet visits

As we already mentioned, depending on your plan type (i.e. if you have vet visits included in your chosen pet insurance plan), then we put cash in your pocket before you even get to your vet’s office.

Here’s how this works…

We created a unique transactional card that you receive when you become a member of our Oneplan Family, this is called your Onecard. A Onecard allows you to pre-load funds for Vet and Routine Visit claims (as per your Policy Schedule) via our Oneplan App or via our call centre.

It’s basically like a smart and simple debit card! Funds can be pre-loaded before visiting your vet.

All you have to do is:

  1. Login to our Oneplan App
  2. Load a claim
  3. Money is loaded onto your Onecard
  4. Swipe at the vet

Once your vet visit is completed, all you have to do is swipe your Onecard at the provider to the limit available (these limits are outlined in your plan).

After this, all we need is a detailed copy of your invoice to validate your claim or to facilitate a refund, this can be snapped as a picture on your phone and uploaded in the app.

Why Oneplan?

As many of our Oneplan Family members know (those are our clients, by the way), we do everything we can to try and make your life just a little bit easier. And in doing so, we give you more time to spend on the things that really matter - like spending time with your furry members of the family.

When it comes to insurance, we do things a little differently. From fronting our clients with cash BEFORE they see the vet to our paperless and hassle-free claims system.

You see, we have done the digging, listened to our clients and have applied what we have learnt to change the way that insurance is done. And another way we do that is by giving you the choice to go to ANY vet of your choice. Which you already know all about.

Yours in quality pet insurance you could cuddle,


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