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Getting the kids

Look, even though wearing a mask can still feel slightly uncomfortable, we know we need to do it. Convincing the kids to keep them on, however, is another battle. Here’s how to get the little ones comfortable with the idea of mask-wearing!

Let’s face it: a lot of things have changed over the last few months. We’ve all had to start doing things that we never thought we’d have to – like wearing a mask wherever we go. What had once looked like an interesting accessory on Grey's Anatomy has now become essential in our lives.

And while we may not be able to brag about the status of a medical practitioner or cool surgeon, at least we can say that we both have to wear masks every day, right?

But with all jokes aside, with anything new, comes great adjusting. Many of us aren’t used to the concept of covering half of our faces with a cloth.

Just the thought of your muffled speech, fogged glasses and general discomfort is enough to have you wanting to toss your mask and risk it all.

But that’s no excuse to be reckless. In fact, this is your time to lead by example … starting with your children. So let’s get serious about prioritising our health!

Your little mini-me

If being a parent has taught you anything, it’s that your kids pick up on your traits. Whether good or bad, they’re always looking to copy you. And while we’d like to think that they’ll always pick up on all the good things, we know that they’ll probably copy the things we aren’t too proud of.

So, while they may have heard an accidental curse word in traffic or seen your hatred for brussels sprouts, let’s not let them see us slacking when it comes to wearing a mask.

Wearing a mask is an act of compassion and kindness. And an awesome opportunity for your kids to pick up on these traits. So when you leave your home, and you have the (sometimes unfortunate) task of bringing the little ones along, make sure that they see you rocking that mask too, so they’ll easily follow suit.

Venturing outside of the house

Driving the kids to the store is already a difficult feat. Adding the current pandemic and their likelihood to fiddle with their masks, whilst you’re filling the trolley, is enough to have you keep them house-bound forever.

But the truth is that the country is slowly re-opening, which means your kids will eventually have to leave the maskless confines of your home. Whether that’s to head out to the closest store or to go back to school, masks are the new norm. And now we need to get the kids onto the trend too!

Why wearing a mask is non-negotiable

There are two ways to approach this heading. The first is with the help of a rather lengthy medical explanation, but you know that we aren’t fans of jargon-heavy lingo. So, instead, we’ve chosen for you and decided to keep it short and simple.

Wearing your mask is crucial given the severity of the coronavirus. And even though we are currently on Lockdown Level 3 doesn’t mean that you are free from wearing your mask. The simple act of wearing your mask shows your commitment to your health.

Wearing a mask may save you from experiencing serious medical debt. By putting your mask on you are less likely to need to claim for serious medical expenses. Or use your Onecard for COVID-19 related scares. And while we may be your family health insurer, and we will do everything in our power to be your first line of defence, wearing your mask helps both of us by ensuring another effective act of preventative care.

Stressing because your family has yet to take out coverage? No need to panic. Rather late than ever. Tap here to find out more about our health insurance plans that are perfect for your family. Alternatively, you could get our team to send you a personal quote by clicking right here.

Homemade masks the kids will actually wear

Before we get into how to make a mask that your kids (and even you) will wear, we can’t forget about sanitation.

Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before even beginning. Make sure to also wipe down your surface and ensure that your materials are all clean too. But you should already know the drill. Keeping your space spotless will help keep your health spotless too!

Okay, now for the DIY-work. In fact, let us quickly brag about how easy and simple this homemade mask is. You (and the kids) can make this protective gear in literally FOURS easy steps. Yup, being safe during a pandemic has never been easier.

Okay, let’s get into the (ridiculously easy) instructions:

  1. Cut off the bottom of a T-shirt horizontally
  2. Place two rubber bands on either end of the shirt
  3. Fold the ends around each tie to secure it
  4. Use the bands to secure the mask behind your ears
comfortable with masks

Now for the difficult part – getting them to wear it

Again, most parents will tell you that in most cases, your kids will actually put the mask on. It’s convincing them to KEEP it on where things get a little tricky. Here are our top tips for making the process a little smoother:

  1. Give your child an age-appropriate explanation as to why they need to wear it
  2. Get them involved in the mask-making process (they’ll love the little DIY project)
  3. Practice wearing a mask around the house with the kids. This will help the idea of keeping the household healthy and safe
  4. Give them different mask options.
  5. Make it a family affair and show them how you are all wearing them

As much as we have all been forced to adapt to the current circumstances, it’s easy to forget that this is an even bigger adjustment for kids. Remember to stay patient and gentle with them too! And remind them that their family insurers are wearing their masks too!


Yours in informative and affordable healthcare,

The Oneplan Team  

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