Does health insurance include dental cover?


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Does health insurance

When it comes to health insurance many people think it’s designed to only cover the ‘big’ things – you know like hospital stays and accident cover. But you’d be wrong because we’re all about holistic support – and that includes ensuring the health of your teeth!

Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of things change (and well, temporarily close) ever since the Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. And as we slowly watched parts of our country close, we might have missed that our local dentists were closing their doors too; leaving all teeth cleaning responsibilities up to you and your toothbrush.

Thankfully, since moving to lockdown level 3, we have begun seeing the familiar faces of important service providers. Like our dentists! And while most of us will do anything to avoid returning to our dentist’s chair, breathing through a mask should be all the indication that dental health is very important!

But ensuring the health of your (hopefully) pearly whites goes beyond daily brushings and spontaneous flossing. Your teeth need, and deserve, to have a professional cater to them too! You know, to make sure that they are ACTUALLY clean.

Why you need dental cover

The truth is that very few people enjoy going to the dentist. Which is why most people will wait until they’re experiencing a severe toothache or the finally seeing those pesky coffee stains come through before actually booking an appointment. But here’s the thing, if you are reading this blog, we can almost guarantee that you aren’t just like everybody else. You prioritise your health, you see the importance of preventative care and understand that health insurance is for everyone.

But in case you find yourself questioning the importance of dental cover (it can happen), we thought to quickly round up a few reasons why you need to ensure that your current health insurance plan covers dental:

Dental emergencies happen

The truth is that our teeth may be strong but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to experiencing serious health issues. Food gets stuck in them and they begin to rot. Sugar corrodes your enamel. Our teeth chip or crack. Cavities develop and turn into serious dental emergencies. The dental nightmares are endless. And while we may not always be able to see what’s truly going on in our mouths our dentists can! So, we should rely on their expertise … and deep cleaning tools!

You’re probably not cleaning your teeth properly

Now, this isn’t an attack, but most people do not clean their teeth properly. This isn’t to say that your toothbrush is ineffective, but you have to admit that it pales in comparison to the cleaning machinery at your dentist’s office. That’s because their equipment is designed to get in between all of the cracks and crevasses to ensure proper cleaning. And if we’re being honest, how diligent are you with flossing?

Tap here to find out 7 gross things that happen when you don’t go to the dentist … if you need a little reality check!

Private healthcare is expensive

The idea of gaining access to private healthcare and then needing to cover that private healthcare medical bill is headache-inducing. And if you have ever stepped foot into a dental practice, you will know how quickly that bill adds up. What may have originally looked like a quick check-up turns into a discovered cavity, a necessary x-ray, deep cleaning and a filling being placed. And while you may be walking out with a fresh mouth, your wallet has definitely taken a hard knock.

The sad truth is that paying out of pocket for a dental procedure can set you back thousands of Rands. Sometimes we can anticipate the amount, other times they discover health issues that are going to cost you a lot more!

But taking good care of your teeth shouldn’t break the bank and with Oneplan, it doesn’t.

dental cover

How Oneplan plans to help you keep that great smile

Okay, granted, people may not actually be able to see your smile at the moment, thanks to our masks, but that isn’t to say that your smile isn’t important. If it’s important to us, it should be important to you!

Here’s how we plan on keeping your teeth healthy:

You get immediate cash

At Oneplan, we understand that many of us do not have the luxury of having excess money lying around for emergencies. This is why we front you with money BEFORE you even step into your dentist’s office. Thanks to our awesome Onecard! Meaning that you get access to cash when you need it most!

So you can finally exhale and have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered. Besides, most of us don’t enjoy our dentist’s visits so you’ve already got a lot on your plate heading in for a check-up. Finding the cash to pay the bill shouldn’t be one of them because our Onecard has your back!

You benefit from preventative care

As we always say: prevention is better than the cure. We really can’t stress this enough!

Don’t fall into the trap of spending unnecessary amounts of money on something that could have been easily avoided. Instead of swiping for a serious dental procedure rather allow our team to cover your regular dental check-ups. That way anything that is detected can be quickly repaired … before it becomes a medical emergency.

All of our plans cover dental

Yes, you read that correctly. Every single one of our health insurance plans cover dental care.

Core Plan: R365 per month

Dentistry cover: Up to R550 per visit. Max of 3 visits a year.

Blue Plan: R690 per month

Dentistry cover: Up to R560 per visit. Max of 3 visits a year.

Professional Plan: R947 per month

Dentistry cover: Up to R695 per visit. Max of 3 visits a year.

Executive Plan: R365 per month

Dentistry cover: Up to R800 per visit. Max of 3 visits a year.

You get to choose your dentist

At Oneplan, we don’t expect you to work from a list of approved medical practitioners. We want you to always feel safe and comfortable. Especially when it comes to your health, which is why we let you go to any dentist of your choice. So, you can keep your favourite dentist!

We always want to keep your teeth shining and your face smiling … because we care about you, your teeth and providing you with holistic care!


Yours in affordable health insurance,

The Oneplan Team


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