Oneplan’s New Routine Care Plus Benefit: Why wellness cover is best way to look out for your fuzzy best bud


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Oneplan’s New Routine Care

Oneplan’s New Routine Care Plus Benefit: Why wellness cover is best way to look out for your fuzzy best bud

As a proud parent of a pet, we know that your adorable animal always comes first. That’s why we are leveling up our routine care cover and giving pet owners everywhere the option to get even more wellness cover and routine care benefits with our new Routine Care Plus add-on.

What exactly is Routine Care Plus?

After accessing the basic cover provided by one of our many animal health insurance plans, it's time to consider some handy healthcare additions that will help you better take care of your pet.

Emergencies or unexpected illnesses aren’t the only costs that you have to consider. Cover for the expected bills is also important for any cost-savvy pet parent. Wellness cover or routine care cover ensures that your pet’s day-to-day healthcare costs are always taken care of.

The fact is that the costs of check-ups and routine care can really start to add up. Keep in mind that these wellness care and day-to-day costs are NOT automatically included in all of our plans. That’s why it's a good idea to think about adding a Routine Care Plus benefit to your plan which adds even more wellness cover to your pet’s health insurance plan.

Whether you’ve opted for our Pet Hospital plan, Pet super plan or Pet Classic plan, our Routine Care Plus add-on allows you to get more routine care benefits while sticking with your original plan. This helpful add-on is a real life-saver and provides as much as R850 in additional cover per year (that's with our Pet Super Plan).

What does wellness care cover include?

Routine care or wellness cover is essential for your pet. That’s why we’ve levelled up our wellness cover with Routine Care Plus to include even more cover. Knowing that the costs of day-to-day care can really put a dent in your bank account, we’ve included these healthcare benefits in all of our routine care cover options:

  1. Sterilisation
  2. Consultations for vaccinations
  3. Deworming and parasite control
  4. Tick and flea prevention
  5. Anal gland expression
  6. Dental care (teeth scaling and polishing)

And with the benefits of Routine Care Plus, you’ll be able to claim for routine care checkups before you see the vet using our unique Onecard which every pet owner gets when they become a part of our Oneplan family.


Why wellness cover is best

Our Excess Buster

You may not know this, but with the Routine Care Plus add-on, we also include the Excess Buster option. An Excess Buster is an optional add-on that you would usually have to pay for separately each month, but we include it automatically when you select our Routine Care Plus option.

This benefit helps pet owners by covering the excess charged by us for each claim (this value is based on the specified excess amounts detailed in your Policy Schedule). This means you could really save big each time you claim as your excesses will automatically be waived. Isn’t that great?

Please note: we won’t cover excess amounts charged prior to the addition of the Excess Buster.

Oneplan’s pet insurance policy made easy 

We know that policies can be complicated. We’ve all been there. It's easy to get tangled up in the technicalities of the legal and financial details and miss what’s really important. Below we’ve given you an easy-to-read breakdown of the basics terms of our Oneplan animal medical insurance.

Here’s what our policy says in just a few short words:

  1. You can add our Routine Care Plus benefit anytime - the choice is up to you. The cost of the Routine Care Plus option ranges from R35pm to R85pm with any of our comprehensive cover plans, depending on the cover amount you want to add to your existing routine care.
  2. You can claim for routine care pay-outs every twelve months from the start of your policy. Remember, the claim amount can’t be greater than the limit specified in your policy schedule. Any medical expenses related to routine care services will be covered within this limit.
  3. Your routine care cover will be renewed annually. This means that if you take out your policy in May, your Routine Care Benefit will recharge the following May.

Some special conditions

Using your routine care cover

Your routine care cover can now be used at the same time as any other cover provided for in your policy. For example, it can be used alongside a vet visit, accident or illness cover claim. Keep in mind that this is always subject to the limit of the benefit (which you’ll find in your policy document).

Let’s say you take your furry friend to the vet for a lump removal, but choose to get his vaccinations done at the same time. Oneplan will split the cover between the cost of the routine care consultation and the vet visit for the lump removal.

Previously, we would only cover the medical event with the most charges on the invoice, and the other benefit would be forfeited. Now you can enjoy the best of both benefits!

Waiting periods

Another important point is that, with the Routine Care Plus add-on, you can DOUBLE your routine care cover. After a waiting period of six months from the date that you start paying your Routine Care Plus premium, you will receive the additional routine cover amount that matches the value of the existing routine care cover on your current plan.

Basically, if your original routine care cover was R720 on the Pet Classic Plan, an extra R720 will be added to your routine care cover after 6 months.

Don’t forget, there is this short waiting period, which means your routine care benefit is not instantly doubled the moment you sign up for a policy.

How to get started with Oneplan

Oneplan is the number one provider of reliable, affordable pet insurance, and ensuring the best possible care for your pawsome pets is our top priority.

Our commitment to providing the best insurance for your loving pets means that we’ll always be here to help make the process and procedures of pet insurance as easy as possible.

Why not become a valuable member of our Oneplan family today? Sign up online to learn more about our special pet insurance offers.

Yours in pet insurance you could cuddle, 


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