Your burning questions about Oneplan’s car insurance answered: 5 FAQS on car insurance


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Your burning questions about Oneplan’s

Are you looking at getting car insurance? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Choosing the best car insurance policy isn’t easy and it can get complicated. Find out the answers to some of the burning questions you may have from how long it takes for a claim to be processed, is it possible to get a lower premium with 100% cover and some info about the Oneplan App.

Did you know that 65-70% of the estimated 12-million vehicles on South African roads are uninsured?

This is often attributed to people thinking “it will never happen to me” or “it’s too much of a mission” to go through the whole signing up for insurance’ process. Car insurance shouldn’t be complicated though.

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Oneplan (yup, that’s us) has done everything in its power to make getting insured easy and hassle-free. Which is why we have chosen the top 5 questions we get asked and answered them as simply as we can.

5 frequently asked questions

When insuring your vehicle with Oneplan, we make it our mission to make this an easy process while still giving you the best car insurance out there.

Take a look at the full breakdown on our car insurance and how it works

1. How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

We pride ourselves on making claims simple, straightforward and easy for you (we couldn’t help but say it again because it really is true!).

But sometimes we need a little help from you (our clients) to ensure we have all the right documents in order so that we can quickly and effectively process your claim.

If you are able to provide us with all of the necessary documents, then the turnaround time is typically 5 (short) days for a claim.

2.   Why do we only offer a maximum of 95% and not a maximum of 100% cover?

We’re glad you asked!

Here’s how our cover works…

With Oneplan, our cover is 100% flexible to your needs and your budget. You have total control over how much you insure your car for - choosing between 30% and 95% using a sliding scale.

This obviously leads to the question - why can’t I choose 100% cover for my car?

Well, this remaining 5% is what you pay as your excess amount when it comes time to claim. So, the remaining 5% is your self-insured portion of your claims. This means that your excess will NEVER be more than 5% of your claim when you have chosen 95% cover with us.

95% is covered by us + 5% covered by you = 100% flexible car insurance (your baby is totally covered!).

3. Can you increase my excess fee and drop my premium?

Your cover is 100% flexible to your needs and your budget!

Did you know that you can adjust your cover with the Oneplan App? No hassle of calling anyone or filling in a thousand forms. Simply log in and adjust your cover using the cover-slider and change the amount you’re paying. We will bill you according to this exact cost (trust us, there’s no catch).

Depending on how tight your budget is for the month, you can adjust your insurance premium to suit your wallet for the next month.

Basically what happens when you select a higher excess, then your premium will be lower.

4. Can I have a 100% cover with a lower premium?

Like we said, you can adjust your cover using a sliding scale, you can select a percentage of cover from 30% to 95%. The remaining 5% is your excess, also known as your self-insured portion.

Your premium is calculated according to your risk profile and then based on the percentage of cover you’ve chosen. You may be thinking, “okay but what’s a risk profile?” Well, your age, the car your drive and how often you drive, where you live, your claims history etc are all considered and used to determine your risk profile.

We also cover tyre damage in most cases.

However, we will not cover tyre damage in the following situations:

  1. Intentional damage to tyres - such as drifting and spinning (no, you are not a race car driver).
  2. Damage to tyres caused by applying brakes or by road punctures, cuts, potholes and bursts or damage to suspension from bad roads.

5. How do I upload car images for validation?

Have you heard about our awesome app? We may have mentioned it once or twice…

Our simple and smart Oneplan App ensures that validating your car for cover has never been this simple. No vehicle inspections. No time wasted. Just effortless and simple cover.

car insurance answered

Here’s how to validate your car on our new Oneplan App:

  1. Login to the Oneplan App on your smartphone
  2. Enter your policy number and correct password
  3. Use the menu icons to select “Car & Household Policy”
  4. Use the menu icons to select “My Cover”
  5. Select the item you want to validate
  6. Click “Upload Images”
  7. Upload your required images
    1. Make sure you upload all images at the same time and do not log out to do them later or on another day
  8. Follow the required items on the list that appears at the top of your screen
  9. Only move to the next item when you are instructed to
  10. Click “Proceed”

Images must include the following:

  1. Registration plates
  2. Vin number that can be found on the windscreen or engine
  3. The front, back, right and left side of the car
  4. License disc
  5. Open bonnet
  6. AND do not forget the ODOmeter reading!

Once you have sent us the information we need and upload the required photos, please check on the app to see if your status reflects ‘Covered‐Active’, this means you are covered!

Please note – If you do not upload your photos your car will “not be validated” and this may result in a claim being rejected. 

While you’re finding out everything you need to know about car insurance, take a look at these useful (expert) tips.

Yours in affordable and convenient car insurance,


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