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The hard working heroes that form part of Project Rhino’s K9 Unit need your help now more than ever. Keep the team operational and in the field, play your part from home. Here’s how…

As many of our readers know, a while ago Oneplan (that’s us), decided to do our bit and lend a helping hand to an incredible organisation known as Project Rhino’s K9 Unit.

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“Project Rhino is an association of like-minded organisations, facilitating rhino conservation interventions aimed at eliminating rhino poaching and securing the white and black rhino populations of KwaZulu-Natal.”

The K9 Anti-Poaching dog unit was formed in November 2017 and was put to work from the get go to assist reserves in Zululand in their anti-poaching efforts. The team works around the clock in locating criminals, assisting the SAPS and other security teams and performing various patrols.

Dogs are an essential tool in the fight against wildlife crime as their skills allow them to accurately track down poachers, detect wildlife products and recover illegal weapons and ammunition.

The effect of lockdown

When lockdown was announced on the 27th of March 2020, game reserves, lodges and ecotourism industries experienced a devastating impact on their daily operations. Since the start of lockdown, the K9 team was deemed an essential service and have continued their hard work to keep our wildlife safe.

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However, as tourism came to a grinding halt, no visitors to reserves and lodges took a huge toll on these businesses, as they now struggle to maintain their reserves. Accompanying this devastation, surrounding impoverished rural communities have lost their jobs and incomes. Food insecurity is growing daily, as is the threat of poaching for bushmeat as people become increasingly desperate.

In conjunction to this, wildlife criminals are attempting to take advantage of the quiet roads and empty lodges, leaving the rangers and technical personnel stretched to their limits.

The K9 Unit is in desperate need of help, and we are reaching out to our readers to play their part and make a difference in the lives of such a remarkable team of individuals.

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How you can help - adopt a dog

The K9 team recently reached out to us and told us about an amazing initiative they have put into place.

Here’s how the adoption process works

How to adopt your very own hardworking hero and play your part in the fight against wildlife crime...

1.Choose a K9

Pick a dog that you like, one that speaks to your heart and one that you would like to support.

2.Select a timeframe

Decide how long you would like to contribute your support for your chosen K9 (this can be as little as 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, or if you like, a year!) Every little bit counts.

3.Get in touch with the K9 team

Put your plan into action and get in touch with Project Rhino's K9 Unit to seal the deal and make your adoption official. Email the team on

Other ways you can help

Alternatively, you can donate to this link.

You can also make an EFT to:

Account Name: ACT Rhino Fund

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Branch: Hayfields

Branch Code: 250655

Account No: 62742016018

SWIFT code: FIRNZAJJ (international donations only)

Deposit Reference: Please include your full name to help us accurately record your donation as well as the words K9 and your chosen K9's name!

Getting to know the dogs -  who will you choose to adopt?



Breed: Bloodhound

Age: 5 years

Job description: Human scent-tracking

Gunner, known as ‘the nose’ is a fun-loving character who loves to explore and adventure the great outdoors by the side of his handler. He loves attention and is a sucker for affection. He might come across as friendly, but when duty calls, he finds a scent in seconds and will relentlessly track until his target is acquired. He is trained to jump out of a helicopter and track until he finds his scent.

Monthly cost: R2750



Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 1 year

Job description: Tracking, detection and apprehension

Vodka is a call of energy and once he gets the scent of something, he runs like a freight train, all the way to apprehension.

Despite his strong work drive, he loves nothing more than his cute little squeaky toy. Vodka is being trained to deploy by helicopter and he has become so accustomed to aerial deployments, that he even falls asleep once onboard the helicopter!

Monthly cost: R2750

Bonnie Shikar


Breed: Belgian Malinois

Age: 3 years

Job description: Human scent-tracking, Apprehension

Her gentle nature is something that sets Bonnie apart, as her favourite thing is receiving praise from her handler, followed by her rubber ball of course.

She is a highly skilled tracker and apprehension dog and stops at nothing until the job is done.

Monthly cost: R2750



Breed: Dutch Shepherd

Age: 1 year

Job description: Human scent-tracking, Detection and Apprehension

Baily has a wide range of skills from tracking human scents, detecting firearms and ammunition, as well as apprehending suspects. She is confident, stable and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

Monthly cost: R2750

Get in touch with the team

Should you require any additional information or specifications please contact us at

Let’s all do our part and make a difference, together!

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