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Lend a helping paw to CLAW

A little help and a little love goes a long way. Let’s brighten the day of an organisation that goes above and beyond to help animals in need. (Did we mention that you can help from the comfort of your own home?)

There’s no doubt about it - lockdown has certainly taken its toll on many organisations, and animal shelters are at the forefront of the suffering and loss. Local animal shelters are calling out for help from each one of us.

As many ease back into a somewhat regular routine of work (with a number of people returning to work), it’s easy to forget about the struggle that animal shelters (many of whom rely solely on donations) are facing.

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The four-legged and furry members of our society need your help now more than ever. Oneplan Pet Insurance recently reached out to our friends at CLAW to find out what we can do to make a difference and how we can bring attention to their call for help.

Who is CLAW?

CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) program aims to bring new hope to impoverished communities where traditional veterinary services are unavailable. CLAW seeks to provide poverty-stricken areas overrun with malnourished animals with expert veterinary services. They take their efforts one step further in providing education on animal care to pet owners in Joburg’s poorest township areas.

The organisation achieves this by working closely with community-based organisations, schools, the Department of Agriculture and veterinary services around the city.

CLAW undertakes the following responsibilities when it comes to vet care services:

  1. Emergency services
  2. Vaccinations of domestic animals to prevent the spread of communicable diseases
  3. Deworming and dipping to prevent internal and external parasites
  4. Veterinary treatment of illness and injury in both pets and livestock
  5. Sterilisation of pets at CLAW clinic through regular outreach ‘Spayathons’  that help prevent unwanted litters which already impoverished communities struggle to sustain
  6. Rescue and rehoming of unwanted stray animals to loving adoptive homes (find out more about adoptions here)
  7. Animal advocacy using education and compassion to promote positive attitudes and perceptions with regards to animals and the humane treatment of them
  8. Humane euthanasia to end the suffering of terminally ill and hopeless cases
  9. Creating a culture of accountability

How you can help

Now that you know a little more about this incredible organisation, let’s dig into how you can make a difference.

The great part about lending a helping paw to CLAW is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is order one or more of the below list of needs from an online store and have it delivered to CLAW (please ensure you use the delivery address we have listed below).

List of needs:

Animal care items:

  1. Dog food pellets
    1. CLAW feeds an average 50 dogs per day
  2. Cat food pellets
  3. Cat litter
  4. Dog leads

Other essential items:

  1. Bleach for deep cleaning purposes
    1. Extremely high on their list of cleaning essentials
  2. Brooms and mops
    1. Being a clinic, CLAW ensures that their facilities are kept clean and regularly disinfected
  3. Fleece blankets
    1. With winter coming – this is vital for keeping sick dogs comfortable and warm
  4. Black dustbin bags
  5. Buckets for mops
  6. Hand washing soap
    1. CLAW do not have electricity or running water, meaning they hand wash all of their clinic blankets
  7. Spray bottles
    1. Used to decant disinfectant for spraying surfaces and cleaning
  8. Writing pens (black or blue)
  9. Plastic clipboards

Printing services:

CLAW is in need of a company or a person who is willing to assist in the printing of their clinic documents used for admission and treatment of animals.

Where to purchase online

You are more than welcome to select an online store of your choice, but to make your life a little easier (which is what we love to do), you can simply click and order from one of the below options.



Family Pet Centre

Pet World

A Pets Life

After selecting the items you wish to purchase from an online store of your choice, ensure the delivery address is set to the exact details mentioned below (please keep in mind that this address is different to CLAW’s street address as the shelter has suffered from theft of deliveries made to the shelter).

Delivery address

18 Janet St, Florida, Roodepoort, 171, Johannesburg, South Africa

Donate online

If you would prefer to donate cash online, then you can do so using CLAW’s backabuddy online fundraiser page.

The final bark

Let’s all do our part in making a difference - every little bit counts!

If you would like any more information, click on one of these links:

CLAW Facebook

CLAW contact


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