Expert tips to keeping a healthy (& clean) home


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Expert tips to keeping a healthy

Cleaning, the dreaded swear word during quarantine. Trust us, we know the struggle but keeping your home clean and healthy is the best thing you can do right now. From the kitchen to the bathrooms, we take you through all the cleaning hacks you need to know. With these top tips, your family’s health and your own, are in good hands.

Regular cleaning is the quickest way to keep your home and your family healthy. If you’re like us though, cleaning is one of the last things we want to do most of the time - just think about the series you could be watching or your next snack you could be making. But we know how important it is (especially now) so we have pulled ourselves towards ourselves and we’ve collected all of our top tips to keep your house clean and healthy.

As much as we find cleaning to be a pain, with the threat of the coronavirus, we know that it’s even more vital to keep our homes spotless (well, for at least an hour before the kids take over).

Luckily, it’s easy to get rid of the coronavirus from surfaces with some basic disinfectants and cleaning procedures. So let’s get straight into it.

How To Clean Effectively

The kitchen

Your kitchen probably experiences the most amount of traffic throughout the day. Between coffee spills and secretly dusting the crumbs onto the floor, your kitchen can easily become dirty and a fun playground for germs.

Here are some general rules for keeping your kitchen clean and preventing the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before you touch anything, especially if you’ve been outside or at work.
  2. Sanitise your hands with a 60% (or higher) alcohol sanitiser if soap and water aren’t immediately available (some people like to even sanitise their hands straight after washing them).

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  1. Regularly wipe down all kitchen surfaces, including counters, tabletops, and any other surface you frequently touch, like stove or microwave buttons. Use an EPA-approved disinfectant if available.
  2. Wash all dishes and silverware before and after you use them.
  3. Make sure to sweep and clean your kitchen floors for good measure.


As a general rule of thumb to keep your kitchen clean, you should always make sure you;

  1. Keep all surfaces cleaned and sanitised after you cook.
  2. Never cut fruits or vegetables on the same cutting board you use to slice raw meat. Clean it with hot water and soap first.

Tip: Have two cutting boards, one for raw meat and one for fruits, vegetables, and everything else (make sure you don’t get them mixed up).

The bathroom

Did you know that the toilet handle is a breeding ground for germs?

It’s not always your first thought when you think about germs in the bathroom but it’s pretty gross when you give it some thought. It’s also important to note that the coronavirus can also live on it for up to 3 days - keep it clean.

Mould can thrive in the bathroom and present a number of health problems, from watery, itchy eyes to asthma attacks.

These tips will make sure your bathroom is mould-free and hygienic:

  1. Use a disinfectant designed to kill mould and fungus in the bathroom.
  2. After bathing or showering, wipe down the tub or shower walls and curtain with a towel or squeegee. Some shower curtains can even be thrown in the washing machine (but make sure to check first, trust me..).
  3. Throw soiled tissues away and empty the wastebasket daily. Don’t leave them lying around the room or on top of the counter.
  4. Disinfect your countertops and toilet bowl regularly.

The bedroom

Whether you share a bed with someone else or not, you’re never alone in bed, not as creepy as it sounds but kinda gross nonetheless.

Dust, dust mites, and possibly pet dander keep you company all the time. These bed bugs add to poor air quality and can irritate the best of us, whether you’re allergic to them or not.

To get rid of these pesky bed bugs, make sure to

  1. Wash all of your bedding in hot water above 55˚C to kill dust mites.
  2. Vacuum uncovered mattresses regularly.

Ensure you’re regularly dusting your bedside table, shelves and drawers and keep vacuuming!

The rest of the house

By now we’re tired of cleaning, don’t know about you. But you still need to finish up the rest of your house (and then you’ll finally be done and you can sit back with a glass of wine… I mean coffee).

The final tips to follow:

  1. Make sure you sanitise and wipe down all door handles - I always forget this one.
  2. Most importantly, you need to vacuum all rugs and carpets. You’ll be surprised at what comes out of them but the more regularly you vacuum, the better!

Find some extra tips for keeping your home healthy here!

The coronavirus has heightened our awareness of cleanliness and hygiene but it’s important for us to remember to stick with this. Keeping your house clean will keep you healthy!

Stay healthy and hygienic.

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