5 creative (and budget-friendly) ways to spruce up your home


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Contrary to popular belief, sprucing up your home doesn’t have to break the bank or take up your entire weekend. You can easily cheer up your space with these simple and effective tips that will help transform your home from drab to fab in no time!

If the last few months (and the unwelcomed cold front) have proved anything, it’s that this is the season of change. Whether we’re lovers of change or creatures of habit, the reality is that change is inevitable. So, instead of resisting it, we’re choosing to fully embrace it – starting with our homes.

Just make sure to bookmark this page because by the time you’re finished reading this blog you’ll be ready to completely transform your home with a few simple and easy tips!

It’s time to spruce up your home

Look, it’s probably safe to assume that you have already gone and spruced up your closet. If the filled cart on your favourite online shopping site isn’t indication enough, your change in wardrobe definitely is. We’ve all gone and switched out the sun hats, bikinis and shorts for our puffer jackets, woollen blankets and gloves in preparation for winter. Without even knowing it, we’ve begun embracing the start of a new season. But why let the seasonal festivities end there?

Give your home a little sprucing up too – it deserves it! And quite frankly, so do you.

And if we’re being honest, there is nothing like spending 24 hours in the same location to motivate you into doing an impromptu home redesign or DIY session. So, instead of gritting your teeth every time you notice that awkward space by the stairs or the wall colour that now gives you a headache, give yourself permission to play shop with your home!

But we know what you’re probably thinking … that sprucing up your home is going to be a costly little exercise. Well, you can think again. Freshening up your home doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your wallet. And it shouldn’t. Creating a warm, cosy and healthy household shouldn’t come at a hefty price and it won’t with us.

So, in the spirit of creating a happy and healthy space, here are our top tips to sprucing up your home on a budget!

1. Move your living room furniture around

Now at first glance, this tip may sound more labour intensive than fun but trust us when we say that the end result is worth the heavy lifting. Play interior designer and change the layout of your living room and wait to be amazed. There really is no greater feeling than walking into an improved space that you can take credit for. So, get creative and get moving!

2. Go through your storage

Yikes, this one may not sound very glamourous either, but you’re just going to have to trust us again. You know that room in your house that holds all of your random bits and pieces? The one with all the odd furniture, random paintings and unopened books? Well, go and have a snoop around and see what new home contents you can play around with. Some of those “outdated” pieces could have made a fun comeback. Or you can just turn those books into a fun decorative piece!

3. Become obsessed with windows

Since we’ve all been spending a lot more time indoors, all of a sudden, the outdoors have never looked better. Now while we can’t exactly play outside (you have winter to thank for that) why not perch a comfy chair by one of your windows? This will not only create a new space for you to relax and unwind in but allow you to soak up as much of that warm sunshine as possible!

4. Redesign your shelves

This is a great tip for any room that is need of a quick refresh. Remove all of the clutter from your shelf and look at it as a new blank canvas. Rearrange the order of your books, switch out the old family photo with a new one and add a few of your favourite knick-knacks for a little splash of fun!

5.  Put a throw over it

Those extra blankets and throws that you have lying around the house are going to become one of your new favourite decorative pieces. Looking to spruce up your lounge chair? Throw a blanket over the side of it. Looking to cover up that spill on the couch? Place one of your throws over it.

Adding a little oomph to a space has actually never been easier ... or cheaper.


spruce up your home

Spruce up your home insurance

Just to make sure that you’re well on your way to creating your ideal living space, we have one last bonus tip for you: spruce up your home insurance.

And no, it really isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Sprucing up your insurance plan is possible and completely normal. It’s just the Oneplan way!

In fact, we think it would be rather hypocritical of us to tell you to embrace change if we aren’t willing to do the same. You can now have peace of mind knowing that we practice what we preach. That’s why we provide you with home insurance you can change when life changes.

How do we do it? With the help of our Sliding Scale that lets you choose and manage your premium directly from your smartphone through our Oneplan app or online self-service portal - it’s that simple.

This gives you the power to choose how much cover you want and a premium that best suits the changes you may be going through.

So, don’t only decorate your home but help keep it safe by joining the Oneplan family today! Because you deserve to have a fresh, fun and protected home – from the inside out.


Yours in affordable home insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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