How does pet insurance reimbursement work with Oneplan?


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How does pet insurance

If there’s one thing to know about Oneplan, it’s that we have taken the hassle out of insurance and done away with the legal lingo. We do everything we can to make your life just a little easier. Which is why our claims process is easy to understand and easy to use. Because at the end of the day, we want you to have more time to spend with your precious pets.

Did we mention we also put money in your pocket before you see the vet? Here’s what you need to know.

Right then, let’s get straight into it. The question everyone wants to know when it comes to pet insurance, how does claiming work and how do I get my money back?

We get that you’ve got better things to do than worry about how your insurer will pay you back for a claim, which is why we designed our claims process to be one that is effortless and hassle-free. But enough about us, let’s get back to you and the reason you are reading this blog in the first place…

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What type of plan have you chosen?

The first thing you need to consider is the type of pet healthcare plan you have chosen is best for you and your pet.

Why? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Here’s the lowdown…

At Oneplan not only do we include cover for the things you didn’t see coming like when Rufus gets in a fight with another dog at the park or when Whiskers doesn’t land on her feet, but we also cover the costs of vet visits and routine care.

Of course, there is some fine print we first need to cover.

Do you have a Onecard?

Your cover benefits (i.e. whether or not you have day-to-day benefits included in your plan), come down to the plan you have chosen. What this means is that if you have chosen a plan such as our Pet Classic Plan (kudos to you if this is the case, because this certainly is a purrfect plan if you don’t mind us saying so). Then you have vet visits and routine care included in your plan.

This would also be the case for our Pet Super Plan clients and for those who have decided to add our Routine Care Plus Benefit onto a Pet Hospital Plan.

If you find yourself in one of these scenarios, then you will have received a Onecard when you became a part of our Oneplan Pet Family.

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Here’s how our Onecard works

A Onecard is basically a transactional debit card that is unique to Oneplan. Before your vet visit, we will preload your card with the correct amount of funds according to your plan type and limits of your plan for you to then use this Onecard with your pin to swipe and pay for the vet visit.

The best part? You can also use the Onecard to draw the funds from an ATM if your vet does not have a card machine or their machine is not working. Pretty great, right?

Here’s how to use the Onecard:

  1. Log into the smart Oneplan App
  2. Select “Load Claim”
  3. Select the type of event you want to claim for
  4. Use the drop down arrows to select the date and the member
  5. Hit proceed

We will then transfer the funds onto your Onecard according to the limit outlined in your plan.

You can then use your Onecard the same way you would use a debit card, simply swipe and pay at your service provider - just remember to keep your pin handy.

You will then need to submit a detailed invoice on the Oneplan App after your doctor or vet visit.

If you have already made payment using your own funds, there is a refund option on the app. Click on “my claims” and “claim refunds”. Remember to select the name of the insured and if you’d like the refund processed into your bank account or one card once approved.

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What we need included in your invoice

Your detailed invoice must include:

●        The name of the patient/insured member

●        The practitioners details (including practice or VAT registration number)

●        Service date

●        The service rendered or list of medication and the cost of the service or medication.

Remember if the invoice is hand written or printed and not on a letterhead, we will require a stamp from the practitioner to validate the invoice.

Of course, if you have any additional claiming questions, you can just pop us a message using the in-app chat function on our Oneplan App.

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What if I don’t have a Onecard?

Great question!

If you do not have a Onecard, then fret not our furry pet loving friends!

If you do not have a Onecard, then you probably have a Hospital Plan or an Accident-only plan.

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Here’s how to claim for pet hospital cover

  1. To claim you must submit a fully completed claim form and attach a copy of the detailed account, medical evidence and/or any other information as we may reasonably request.
  2. Submit the information to for assessment and processing.
  3. We may request a full twenty-four-month medical history for your pet to process your claim.

Each hospital event forms part of your annual limit (the max amount we pay per year) and may not be used in conjunction with any other cover in this policy.

What if I need to pay a deposit for a pet emergency and I have a Onecard?

For clients on our Classic or Super Pet plans, you can claim for a vet visit (even though this is not a vet visit, but a hospital visit) and swipe your Onecard to help pay for the deposit.

Here’s what we mean by this...

If your waiting period is over for vet visits (30 days after your policy started), then to help you pay for the deposit required by your vet, you can claim for a vet visit using the Oneplan App.

We will then load the funds onto your Onecard which you can then swipe at your vet’s office.

Once we have approved your claim for the hospital visit, we will already know that your vet visit amount was for hospital admission and we will re-allocate the amount used to the relevant benefit.

What does all of this mean? It means you will not lose out on any claim amounts for vet visits.

Are all emergencies classified as hospital cover?

Head’s up - some pet parents might get a little confused with emergencies and assume any emergencies will automatically be covered under hospital cover, which is not always the case - remember that not every incident is classified as an emergency.

Basically, even if it is an emergency but your vet did not admit your pet or need to perform a procedure, it will still fall under vet visit.

You can check out the full lowdown on claiming for pet emergencies in this blog.

Basically you will need to:

  1. Phone us for pre-authorisation
  2. Fill in a claim form
  3. Pay a deposit (if your vet requires this)

Got any more burning questions? Email our claims team or simply log into your Oneplan App and use the in-app chat function to chat to a team member.

Yours in pet insurance designed with your pet in mind,


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