Cash in your pocket before you see the doctor! The ‘Onecard’ you’ll need to prioritise your health


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Cash in your pocket

At Oneplan, we take healthcare seriously. So much so that we ensure that you are fronted with cash BEFORE you even see your doctor! Here’s how we make this possible.

We know that you are probably exhausted from the endless stream of pandemic content all over the internet. With the relentless statistics, the ever-increasing number of cases and the constant COVID-19 news reports, it's no wonder that you’re tired – if not overwhelmed.

So, we thought we’d give you some peace of mind amidst all of this pandemic paranoia. In fact, we could even describe this new sense of peace that you are about to feel, in just one word: Onecard.

Just prepare to be amazed, because you’ve probably never seen insurance done like this before.

Pandemic paranoia: Don’t panic, it’s all going to be okay!

Before we get into the incredible ‘Onecard’, we’ll need to add a little context first.

As you know, the past few months have been an absolute rollercoaster. We have gone from hearing about a novel virus that was yet to cross our borders, to the entire country coming to a complete standstill.

What had originally sounded like a faint (and very distant) virus has now completely changed the way we view “normal” life. The way in which we all approach our health is about to drastically change. And even though we are slowly progressing up the lockdown levels, people are still going to remain worried about this new unknown.

The two parts to pandemic paranoia

In many ways, you can say that the paranoia around the Coronavirus works in two parts. The first part stems from the uncertainty surrounding the virus. Very few things feel stable or secure. From watching an increasing number of retrenchments happen, to our economy taking a serious knock and a few of our favourite smaller businesses officially closing their doors - it can all be a lot to take in.

The second part is related to the financial severity of this pandemic. The average person most likely doesn’t have the financial means to protect themselves in the event that they contract COVID-19. The reality is that private healthcare is expensive. And for most people, this isn’t an expense they can take on.

So where does this leave you?

The ‘Onecard’

Preventative care: Why it matters now more than ever

This leaves you needing to find various ways to protect yourself … and that’s where preventative care comes in. The aim shouldn’t be for you to only be avoiding COVID-19. The aim is for you to stay healthy at all times and that means protecting our immunity.

As we always say, prevention is better than a cure. That means booking regular check-ups with your doctor, taking vitamins every day, staying active and establishing a healthy overall routine. Don’t wait to get sick before you start to take your health seriously. Start today. Start now.

In fact, we are so committed to preventative care that we have kitted all of our Oneplan family members with our exclusive Onecard. Not only can this card be used for your regular doctor’s check-ups but in the unfortunate event that you experience a serious medical emergency.

Now, this card is where we really get to flex our medical insurance muscles and prove how important your health is to us.

One card swipe

Our Onecard

Getting into medical debt is just not an option. Not with us. Because we believe that everyone should have access to excellent private healthcare.

Your health affects so many aspects of your life – so it’s important that you make it a priority. Regardless of whether it is a runny nose, common cold or a more severe medical case you deserved to be covered.

Ensuring that you have access to renowned doctors is crucial – and we will do everything in our power to make sure you get it. How do we do this? With our Onecard.

So what is it?

In short, our Onecard is basically your very own Oneplan debit card.

Once you’ve officially joined the Oneplan family you are granted an exclusive Onecard. This little card is going to become one of the most important cards in your wallet. Basically, whenever you go to your doctor (of choice – yes you get to choose your own medical practitioner) you can bring along your Onecard (preloaded with funds).

We then pre-load money onto that card so that you are financially sorted – before you even see your doctor! So, you don’t have to panic about how you’re going to cover that medical bill. This one’s on us (of course, it will depend on your limits in your chosen plan, but you get the point)!

We also use the Onecard to be able to transact and pay your healthcare claims through the mobile application within just minutes! Yes – it is that simple and efficient. And all you have to do is simply load your claim on the Oneplan App.

How do I load a claim?

Would you believe us if we told you that this entire process can be done in FOUR simple steps? Check it out:

  1. Login to the Oneplan App
  2. Load a Claim
  3. Money will then be loaded onto your Onecard
  4. You can then swipe at your doctor

Perks of having the Onecard

  1. You don’t need to break the bank, borrow money or wait until payday to see your doctor
  2. It removes the anxiety around hospital expenses
  3. You gain access to the best private medical practitioners
  4. It can be used at a medical practitioner of choice
  5. All coverage benefits can be accessed using your Onecard
  6. You have immediate money when you need it most

It is one thing for us to say that your health is our top priority. But is another to actually show you. Our Onceard is how we prove to you that we truly are committed to keeping you healthy and safe.

Now all that’s left for you to do is actually experience it. Do it! You don’t only need it – but deserve this high level of care.


Yours in affordable healthcare,

The Oneplan Team

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