Driving in a pandemic: How to stay safe


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Look, the best way to stay safe when driving in a pandemic is to not drive at all (obviously). But in the case that you have to - here are our top tips to help keep you safe!

Whether you’re heading back to work or quickly stepping out for a few groceries, it’s safe to say that our roads have definitely gotten a little busier since the country moved to Level 3 of lockdown. Now while it’s still strongly suggested that you stay indoors, the reality is that at some point we might need to venture beyond the four walls of our homes.

In order to keep you all safe, we thought we’d share a few tried and tested tips that we have used to help lower the risk of infection – both on and off the road.

Plan, plan and plan some more

Remember that even though we have moved to Level 3 of lockdown – Coronavirus is still a real thing and we are still very much in the middle of a pandemic. Always be cautious when leaving your home. How do you do that? By planning.

Look, we’re not all planners, but in quarantine, you generally have a little more time on your hands – so there really is no excuse for skipping this step.

If you are stepping out on a grocery run, make sure to make a comprehensive list of all the items that you’re going to need. This will also ensure that less time is spent dawdling around the store – potentially increasing your exposure to the virus.

The days of window-shopping are over. Your new strategy when going out is: Straight in and straight out.

Get out your gear

As you know, you aren’t going anywhere without AT LEAST putting on a face mask. But protecting yourself against the virus really shouldn’t just end there. You need to get all of your supplies in order. That includes your gloves, sanitary wipes and hand sanitiser.

Remember that when you’re out you are touching a lot of things. From door handles to baskets, shelves and trollies. Rather be safe than sorry and pack up all of the essentials.

Scared that you might forget something in the excitement of being able to go outside? Leave a bottle of hand sanitiser, a mask and a few pairs of gloves in your car – that way you’re always prepared.

Disinfect your car

It is common for us to think that sanitising starts and ends with our hands. You know the drill – sanitising our hands with alcohol-based sanitisers and washing them for at least 30 seconds with a strong soap. That is still obviously important but many of us keep forgetting to disinfect one other important item – our cars!

Back from your trip? Disinfect your car! Yes, your four wheels can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, so you’ll want to get into the habit of cleaning your car. 

Remember to pay extra attention to areas that you are prone to touching. Wipe down your steering wheel, the radio, door handles, seat belts and indicators to name a few.

We recently wrote a blog on disinfecting your vehicle yourself, check it out here: https://blog.oneplan.co.za/Blog/2020/4/2/are-you-disinfecting-the-inside-of-your-car-properly

Try to avoid a cramped car

Everybody loves a good car trip. Especially in lockdown when we’ve spent over two months stuck indoors (even though it’s for our own good). All of a sudden, even heading out to go grab some milk sounds like an adventure. We know – trust us. In fact, it can sound so fun that the whole family might want to come along. But that isn’t the greatest (or safest) idea.

Now while everyone in the house may be wanting to get a break and go outside, its best to limit the number of passengers that you have. This will only increase the likelihood of spreading the virus. In the event that you are back at work and have to share a vehicle – remember to wear a mask at all times and to sanitise both your hands and vehicle before AND after any journey.

Air it out

Okay, we know that winter is around the corner but if you happen to be on the roads during the day where there is a little bit of sunshine – make the most of it. Open up your windows and let the air in. Airing your vehicle out is important as it will help reduce any risk of the virus being inside of your car.

So if the weather allows, roll down your windows and let the air do its thing.

Make sure your vehicle insurance is sorted

Look, any time you are on the roads your safety should be your number one priority. And that doesn’t only mean protecting yourself from the virus (while that is still very important) but the likelihood of accidents happening too.

Again, the number of cars on the road have definitely increased and while we may not be back to our peak hour traffic days, that isn’t to say that accidents still can’t happen. So make sure to double-check on your vehicle insurance.

Finding this tip a little awkward because you don’t have car insurance? Well, thankfully you’ve stumbled onto this blog because you’re in good hands. And before you start skipping over to our conclusion because you believe the myth that car insurance is expensiveit isn’t with Oneplan. In fact, we let YOU decide how much you’re willing to spend and how much coverage you want.

Sound like your kind of insurance? Then tap here to join our insurance family because you deserve to be protected and safe – from your personal health all the way to the health of your vehicle.

Yours in affordable car insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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