We’ve updated our Oneplan App: Simple insurance just got simpler


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We’ve updated our Oneplan App

You spoke and we listened. Which is why we have been tirelessly working on improving the functionalities and capabilities of our app. Did we mention you don’t need data to operate our App? This feature plus many more…

Ironing out the kinks and implementing some much-needed bug fixes to make your life easier and make insurance, even simpler.

Everything’s gone digital

Oh, the woes of lockdown! As we ease into level 4 of lockdown, many of us are starting to embrace what it means to work from home and how to abide by the rules of social distancing (what we would do to hug our loved ones again).

Keeping up with the times

To ensure we are always delivering you the best possible service and adapting to the times of the digital era (or, what many are now calling the technological revolution), our Oneplan App has undergone a big update. Here’s what you need to know…

The benefits of the Oneplan App

Thanks to our smart and simple Oneplan App, we have tried to incorporate as many user-friendly functions as possible.

Which is why we give you total access to your cover and your policy details. Which means that if you have any questions or aren’t sure what you are covered for, then instant access to your policy and in-app chat function gives you information and complete control at your fingertips.

Flexible car and home insurance

We believe in giving you options, which is why we let you tailor your cover to your needs. Using a sliding scale, you can select the amount of cover you want for your car and home, based on the price you can afford. And thanks to our Oneplan App, you can adjust and press pause on your cover at the click of a button.

The best part? Our cover is ALWAYS comprehensive no matter what percentage you have chosen.

We also let you validate your vehicle on our app. Click here to find out more about this function.

Health and pet insurance

We are one of the only insurers who front you with cash before you see the doctor or vet. Using our app and Onecard, all you have to do is preload your doctor or vet visit on the app and we will send the money to your Onecard according to the limits and benefits of your plan.

This means that you have money in your pocket before you see your service provider of choice.

Check this out: How To Check Your Onecard Balance On The Oneplan App

Explore more: How To Upload Your Pet Invoice In The Oneplan App

On The Go Insurance

Exclusive to our Oneplan clients, this extra little insurance product is easy and instant insurance for items on the move with you. Going away for the weekend and want to insure your camera for a few days? No problem, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is log into the app and explore this add-on product all from the comfort of your home.

Latest Updates to the Oneplan App

If there’s one thing you should know about us is that we do everything we can ensure our insurance is hassle-free to make your life easier. Which is why our development team has been hard at work updating our smartphone app.

There’s no need to stress about data consumption

Our app is now data-free. No data? No problem. You can still access the app and manage your policy whenever you need to, wherever you are.

Other features and improved functionalities

  1. Press to call function improved - Easy and instant calls to our team from the app
  2. Instant and simple error messages to help you understand functions of the app
  3. Documents to download from the app have been updated
  4. We have organised your benefits to list them in the same order and name as your policy schedule
  5. Overall improvement of speed and function
  6. If you want to cancel a card in the app, our team will be instantly notified and will give you a call to chat about the cancellation
  7. Your claims (My Claims) are now listed by the most recent dates in your claims history
  8. Updates to the in-app chat function
  9. Updates to the pet card transactions capabilities
  10. Dependants can register on the app - We have updated our registration feature on the app which means that your dependants can register as long as their phone numbers are correctly captured on your policy
  11. SMS to notify you of changes - Should you update your policy, an SMS will be sent to you confirming these changes
  12. Updated business hours - In the Contact Us section of the app, we have updated our business hours
  13. Improved card balance decimal formatting
  14. Easy claim admin for pet hospital and accident claims - Email and phone number included here to make your claiming even simpler
  15. You can now use your mobile number to reset your password
  16. We removed the feature to update your banking details to allow for a safer digital experience
  17. Access your premium statement in “My Claims” (Moved from My Information)
  18. Show us a selfie of your precious pet - You can now add a pet profile image
  19. Edit address bug is now fixed - You can now edit your address on all policies
  20. Automatic log out - To prevent hacking we will automatically log you out of the app when you close it or do not use it
  21. Bugfix for uploading images of vehicle accidents and theft to help with a simple claim submission

And this doesn’t mean that our work is done, not even close, we will continue to work on our app to make managing your policy hassle-free and easy to do from the palm of your hand. For our next phase of updates, we will be focusing on the functionalities of our car and household policies. So, make sure you keep an eye out for these improvements in the upcoming weeks.

Yours in quality insurance you can afford,


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