Will pet insurance cover tick & flea prevention?


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Will pet insurance cover tick

We dig into the facts on our Pet Insurance and what you need to know about cover for routine care costs.

Parasites are serious business when it comes to our pets. Whilst the costs of tick and flea prevention might not seem all too big, to begin with, they are recurring monthly costs which can quickly start to add up.

The healthcare costs of owning a pet shouldn’t be taken lightly, you can take our word for it. Which is where pet insurance comes into play. We dig into the costs of tick and flea control and your cover when it comes to pet insurance with Oneplan (that’s us). 

Tick and flea control in pets

Tick and fleas might initially seem to be an easy solution, but they can easily lead to more serious (and expensive) health concerns like hot spots and worms. Which is why prevention is far more effective than treatment after the fact.

Prevention methods are also much easier on your pet (and your wallet). There is a range of options for tick and flea treatments, some might be over-the-counter and others might be prescribed by your vet.

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The costs of tick and flea prevention

External parasite control results in monthly costs ranging from about R80 to R100 for cats and R80 to R160 for dogs (and these prices are per pet). So, if you have 1 cat and 2 dogs, you are looking at around R300 in tick and flea control treatments every month.

Of course, these costs will be dependent on what you purchase for your pet and where you purchase it from. For example, some products like Bravecto cost about R450, but this product lasts for as long as 3 months.

If you decide not to treat your dog or cat for tick and fleas, then an uncomplicated case of tick bite fever can cost anywhere between R500 to R1 000 to treat, if the case is more complicated, then it can cost from R2 000 to R10 000 for hospitalisation.

Pet insurance and tick and flea prevention

Right then, now that we all have a clear idea on the cost and importance of tick and flea prevention, let’s explore what pet insurance with Oneplan will cover when it comes to these costs.

If you have one of the below pet insurance plans with us, then tick and flea control are covered under your routine care benefit:

  1. Pet Classic Plan
  2. Pet Super Plan
  3. Pet Hospital Plan **Routine care is included only if you have added a Routine Care Plus Benefit

Here’s an expert guide to our plans if you want to know a little more.

What is routine care?

Routine care refers to preventive healthcare for your pet. It’s basically a form of wellness coverage needed to keep your pet healthy and prevent him or her from contracting a more serious and expensive-to-treat condition.

Routine care includes voluntary sterilisation, vaccinations, deworming, flea control, and anal gland expression, dental scaling and polishing and nail clipping.

Because we believe that your furry members of the family deserve the best veterinary treatment, we include routine care in a number of our plans, and recently, we just boosted our routine care offering even more with our Routine Care Plus Benefit.

Routine Care Plus

We recently created a little add-on benefit for routine care where for a small additional monthly fee to your premium, you can increase your limit for routine care. You can add this benefit onto the Pet Classic, Super and Hospital Plan (our hospital plan previously only covered unexpected conditions and costs).

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With this benefit, your routine care limit will be doubled after a 6 month waiting period. For example, if you decide to add this benefit to your Pet Hospital Plan. For an extra R35 a month, you will receive R350 in cover for routine care costs after 6 successful premiums have been paid after activating the benefit.

If you have chosen the Classic Plan, the routine care benefit for this plan is R720 for a 12-month cycle. If you decide to add-on the Routine Care Plus benefit for an additional R75 a month, this will add on an extra R720 to your routine care benefit, which will be activated after a 6 month waiting period.

The great thing about this benefit is that it automatically includes our Excess Buster which helps to cover the excess charged by us for a hospital claim, meaning you could save thousands of rands in medical bills.

How to claim for routine care with Oneplan

Our easy to use Onecard allows you to pre-load funds for Vet and Routine Visit claims using the Oneplan App or via our call centre.

Your Onecard is sent to you when you become a part of our Oneplan Family and works the same way as a debit card! Funds can be pre-loaded before visiting your vet of choice (yeah, we let you go to ANY vet of your choice).

All you have to do is:

  1. Login to our Oneplan App
  2. Load a claim
  3. Money is loaded onto your Onecard
  4. Swipe your Onecard at the vet

Once your vet visit is finished, you can swipe your Onecard at the vet’s office to the limit available.

Just a head’s up - We will need a detailed copy of your invoice to validate your claim or to facilitate a refund, this can be snapped and uploaded in-app.

Ensure your pet’s health is always a top priority with us.

Yours in quality insurance designed with your pet in mind,


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