How To Keep Your Furry Members Of The Family Entertained While You Work From Home


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How To Keep Your Furry Members

Looking for ways to keep your dog and/or cat entertained? We’ve got you. Keep your pets busy during lockdown with these pawesome hacks.

With lockdown in full swing, many of us are now working from home. And truth be told, seeing as we are now confined to our homes, we finally understand why our dogs get so excited about going for walks in the park. Your furry members of the family are ecstatic that you’re home all the time and constantly want to play, which isn’t so great when it comes to meeting deadlines or trying to have a Skype with your boss.

If your workload is staying the same, it’s important for you to keep your pets entertained and out of trouble so that you can carry on with your day (yes, we are saying that you have to resist those puppy dog eyes and need for cuddles).

Plus, environmental enrichment is great for pets! Which is a fancy way of saying how you will create an environment for your pets to learn new things and entertain themselves.

As our pets enter their golden years, creating a stimulating home environment will help prevent cognitive decline and prevent excess weight gain.

Oh, and by the way, check out this informative blog on COVID-19 and your pets. Hint - there is no evidence to indicate that pets can spread COVID-19 to other animals, including people.

How to keep your pets entertained

Turn on the TV

Turning on your TV is a simple and effective way to keep a number of pets entertained. Some cats love to watch bird documentaries and dogs love to watch a good puppy movie.

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While at work

Exercise, exercise, exercise (this one’s for dogs)

The best way to tire out any dog is to ensure they are getting enough exercise. It can be tricky to exercise your pets during lockdown, but there are still some fun exercises you can do indoors!

Here are some exercises you can do indoors from Cesar’s Way:

Run up and down the stairs with your dog

This will add an additional challenge to your dog’s workout (it’s also great exercise for you!). You can also stand at the top of the stairs and throw a toy down to your dog, when he grabs the toy, call him and get him to bring the toy to you.

Set up an obstacle course in your house

Look for an old hula hoop, some cushions to create a tunnel and create certain obstacles to help your dog to navigate around. You will need to lead your dog through the various exercises.

Hide treats in the house

Make your dog work for his treats by hiding them in places around the house. Under carpets, tables or behind rugs. You can also make your dog work for his treats using treat dispensing toys or something like a Kong.

Get your dog on the treadmill

If you have a treadmill in your house, you can use this to exercise your dog!

First, get your dog comfortable with the sounds and smells of the treadmill when it is running.

Next, place your dog on the treadmill (when the belt is not turned on) and give him a treat.

Then, turn the treadmill onto a very slow speed. Stand in front of the treadmill and reward your dog with treats for walking to make him feel more comfortable. When your dog is more comfortable, you can increase the speed gradually.

Get a cardboard box (this one’s for cats)

We all know how much cats LOVE cardboard boxes (even if you did spend some big money on their luxury Egyptian Cotton bed).

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Check out your storage room or garage to find a cardboard box. Cut a hole in the front of it, as a point of entry for your cat, and let her roam around it as she pleases.

Make your own cat toy

All you need is a feather, some string and a rod.

Tie the feather (or your car’s favourite toy) to the end of the string, attached to the rod.

You can leave this next to your desk to entertain your cat.


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