Onecard: A Medical Must-have During The Covid-19 Outbreak


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A Medical Must-have

What if we told you that we will send you money directly BEFORE you even see your doctor? Sound too good to be true? Keeping reading to find out more about our exclusive Onecard.

On 5 March 2020, President Ramaphosa announced the first confirmed case of the Coronavirus in South Africa. As expected, this sparked panic throughout the country as a painful reality set in: Most South Africans cannot afford to pay for their medical bills upfront should they require medical attention during this health crisis. Even in isolation, many seek the security of knowing that their medical expenses are covered in the case of an emergency.

This is particularly relevant as out-of-pocket healthcare expenses have substantially increased over the last decade. What once had you merely wincing at a hospital bill, now has you on the verge of incurring serious healthcare debt. As a result, many have been looking for a viable solution to ease the burden that healthcare facilities put on their wallet. Especially during a time of the Coronavirus and national lockdown, where we heavily rely on our medical schemes.


The reality of unexpected hospitalization 

The world currently finds itself navigating through a severe global pandemic and health scare. Not only has this novel virus caused mass hysteria (with a side of panic buying) but left many looking for comprehensive medical coverage that will support them through this crisis.

In response to the increase in patients, many hospitals have since adjusted their policies to now include an up-front payment. Yes, before you are even attended to by the doctor, you will be expected to show some form of monetary contribution. To put it bluntly – you’ve got to swipe your card before you can even be wheeled out of the emergency room.

So where does this leave you? For many, having disposable money on-hand isn’t a reality. Especially when paying for exorbitant private medical care prices. How do you safeguard your health without forking over thousands of Rands? How do you put your mind at ease in the event of a medical emergency? The answer: You take out OnePlan insurance. It’s simple, easy and affordable.

Oneplan: Doing medical insurance a little differently

When it comes to more traditional medical schemes, we do it a little differently. We’ve thrown out the rule book and drafted our own. Gone are the days of high co-payments and high deductibles. We only rebel to make sure that you remain our top priority. Our aim is to not only alleviate stress but act as an additional means of support for you during this period of panic.

We understand that being admitted into the hospital can be terrifying. This is why we want to ensure that you are not only informed but prepared in the event of an emergency. The last thing you should be worrying about is being able to afford medical assistance. That’s where we come in. We remain committed to keeping insurance affordable, medical care accessible and quality assured.

We are also in the business of going above and beyond and our Onecard feature is proof of this. This medical insurance addition will ease that after-service bill heart palpitation in seconds. After all, at Oneplan, we believe in being upfront – in both our policies and our payments.

What is a Onecard?

Our exclusive Onecard offering is honestly worth all the hype it gets and here’s why: it’s basically your personal Oneplan debit card. When you choose one of our health insurance plans, you can load your claim through the Oneplan App. This means that you get paid to your Onecard before you see your healthcare provider. We also use the Onecard to be able to transact and pay your healthcare claims through the mobile application within just minutes!

Claims process

1.       Login to the Oneplan App

2.       Load a Claim

3.       Money will be loaded onto your Onecard

4.       You can then swipe at your Doctor

Benefits of the Onecard

·         You don’t need to wait until payday to see your doctor

·         Access to immediate money when you need it most

·         Grants you instant admission to your coverage benefits

·         It can be used at a medical practitioner of choice

·         Removes the anxiety around hospital expenses

The current global shutdown is proof of the severity of the current pandemic. Make sure that you and your loved ones require medical assistance, that you have the necessary funds made available to you when you need it most. Receive the highest-quality care at the simple swipe of your Onecard and put those healthcare worries at bay. Make your healthcare a priority by requesting a quote today!


Yours in affordable health insurance,


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